Our Board

Meet our Board of Directors

From small business start-ups, to growing your established business in Saskatchewan, our Board of Directors take their experience, network, and resources to inspire you – regardless of your where you are in your business phase.

Board Criteria

Colleen Dixon


Danielle Graff

Past Chair

Leanne Johnson

Vice Chair

Claire Bélanger-Parker


Leigh Kaufmann


Rhonda Spencer


Jacqueline Almeida


Join our Board
  • You may nominate yourself or another full member;
  • Must be a Regular Member of the Corporation at least 15 days prior to the election;
  • Should ideally have Board/corporate governance experience;
  • Should possess an entrepreneurial spirit, have a proven track record as a leader and have cultural awareness;
  • Must be willing to attend up to 7 meetings per year;
  • Must be willing to serve on a committee of the Board;
  • Must not have been employed by Women Entrepreneurs of Saskatchewan in the last 24 months;
  • Must not be a current loan client of Women Entrepreneurs of Saskatchewan;
  • Must meet the additional criteria set out in any relevant policy statements or policy manual as determined by the Board from time to time; and
  • Preference will be given to candidates who contribute any one of the following capacities to our board: Indigenous perspective, legal, visible minority perspective or representation from outside of Regina/Saskatoon.

If you are interested in being on WESK’s Board of Directors, please contact the Board Chair, Danielle Graff at dgraff@mltaikins.com.