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Now Accepting Applications

WESK Board of Directors is now accepting applications for new board members.

In order to assist the Nominations Committee in the selection process, please: 

  • Review the Board Criteria, Terms of Reference, and Code of Conduct; and 
  • Complete the application form below.  

Please note that the WESK Board of Directors has limited positions available, and directors are selected according to the expertise required to fulfill the Board’s strategic plan and skills matrix. 

Board Criteria
  1. Is a member of WESK at least 15 days prior to the election; 
  1. Has not been employed by WESK in the last 24 months; 
  1. Is not a current loan client of WESK; 
  1. Has board/corporate governance experience (not required but considered an asset); 
  1. Is committed to attending all board and committee meetings (regularly scheduled Board meetings include 4, full-day board meetings per year as well as the AGM); 
  1. Is willing to serve on a committee of the Board; 
  1. Possesses an entrepreneurial spirit, has a proven track record as a leader, and has cultural awareness;  
  1. Respects any additional criteria set out in any relevant policy statements or policy manual as determined by the Board from time to time; and  
  1. Supports WESK’s diversity, equity and inclusion commitments. 
Terms of Reference


  • The mandate of the board of WESK is to govern the organization in accordance with the contractual agreement with PrairiesCan and ensure the evolution of a relevant and effective organization. The Board is established to provide leadership and direction to WESK. The individual Directors provide strategic direction to the organization and do not act in their own interests or that of any group. 


  • Executive Officers included in succession plan – Chair, Vice-Chair, and Past-Chair 
  • The board will consist of a minimum of three (3) Directors and a maximum of ten (10) Directors from across Saskatchewan.  
  • The board will operate with three standing committees: 1) Audit & Finance, 2) Governance, and 3) Nominations 

Appointment and duration 

  • To ensure consistency on the board, members are elected to a two-year term and can serve a maximum of three consecutive terms. 

Board Responsibilities 

  • It is the responsibility of the Board to create and adopt policies that guide the fulfilment of WESK’s mission and vision through a strategic plan. All policies must adhere to the spirit and intent of the bylaws, and principles of good governance. 
  • Monitor and approve the financial statements; approve the annual budget 
  • Set board policy and review on an annual basis, ensuring they reflect governance best practices 
  • Monitor the CEO’s compliance to policies 
  • Monitor the CEO’s achievement of WESK’s strategic goals 

Director Responsibilities 

  • Individual Directors must exercise due diligence, loyalty and care in the performance of their duties. 
  • Each Director is expected to be an active participant in a body that functions effectively as a whole. This is based on principles of confidentiality, fairness and adherence to policies and bylaws.  
  • Board meeting discussions will not be shared, unless specified by the Board or approved as part of the CEO’s updates to membership.  
  • It is expected that each Director will fulfill her obligations as committed. This also entails being fully informed about the organization, mandate, bylaws, code of conduct, policies and other matters that impact WESK and organizational functioning. 
Code of Conduct

Individually and collectively, the Board will operate with integrity and demonstrate ethical conduct at all times. As such, directors will: 

  • Directors shall be full members in good standing. 
  • Demonstrate loyalty to WESK in all personal and business dealings. 
  • Respect confidentiality at all times. 
  • Directors are expected to attend all Board meetings. Directors shall be prepared to commit sufficient time and energy to attend WESK Board business. 
  • Directors’ contributions to discussions and decision-making shall be positive and constructive.  
  • Directors’ interactions in meetings and communications shall be courteous, respectful and free of animosity. 
  • Directors shall adhere to the WESK bylaws and governance policies. 
  • Access products or services for use by the Board by following the tendering policy established by the CEO for operational purposes. 
  • Address perceived breaches of conduct by the Board or individual Directors at the Board table. 
  • Directors shall conduct themselves in an ethical and professional manner at all times. 
  • Directors are expected to develop an understanding of the scope, mandate, bylaws, and policies of the Board of WESK, the needs of the members it serves, and the Board’s policy governance approach. 

Meet our Board of Directors

From small business start-ups, to growing your established business in Saskatchewan, our Board of Directors take their experience, network, and resources to inspire you – regardless of your where you are in your business phase.

Board Criteria

Colleen Dixon


Danielle Graff

Past Chair

Leanne Johnson

Vice Chair

Claire Bélanger-Parker


Leigh Kaufmann


Rhonda Spencer


Jacqueline Almeida