Jessica Pegg

As the Program & Growth Manager at WESK, Jessica brings over six years of experience in entrepreneurship and a deep commitment to empowering women and gender non-conforming individuals on their business journeys.

Jessica, along with her wife and two children, made a life-changing move in August 2022 to be closer to her in-laws and embrace the serenity of Lake-Life at Last Mountain Lake her is SK. The picturesque surroundings and family-focused values resonate in Jessica’s approach to both personal and professional life.

Jessica’s entrepreneurial journey began in 2017, providing her with a unique perspective on the challenges and triumphs that entrepreneurs face. Known for her visionary mindset, Jessica can see the entire landscape of a goal, allowing for prompt project completion and a focus on innovative solutions.

In her role as Program & Growth Manager, Jessica leads with influencing and strategic thinking, fostering collaboration and a growth mindset within the team. Her expertise lies in designing and delivering effective training and programming, a skill honed through years of experience working with diverse entrepreneurs.

Passionate about gender equality in entrepreneurship, Jessica is on a mission to make a positive impact for women entrepreneurs in Saskatchewan. Her leadership proficiency is marked by qualities such as change embracement, emotional intelligence, and a proactive approach to work.