Naqsh (Nick) Kochar

Strategist. Innovator. Dream-enabler.

As a program advisor for The Exchange, WESK’s business growth program, Nick provides advice and guidance to clients on all aspects of their business.

Nick brings over two decades of high-level business experience in marketing, innovation, and business strategy experience to the WESK team. In addition to working with WESK, Nick is Chief Strategist and CEO of digital marketing agency, Refresh Inc

And if owning a business and helping clients to grow their own wasn’t enough, Nick is also involved in the mental health and disability communities, both at a local and national level. If you want to learn more about Nick, you’ll have to ask him!

“I like to share my diversity during our conversations, so I can’t give away everything! Where’s the sizzle in that?” – Naqsh (Nick) Kochar