Boniffer Regier


As WESK’s Office Administrator,  Boniffer is responsible for handling accounts payables, accounts receivables, month-end / year-end financial tasks, providing support for HR, and juggling Prabha’s crazy schedule! If you need an appointment with our CEO, she’s your gal!

Boniffer’s thirst for learning has driven her through a variety of degrees, including a  Master of Arts in Technological Education, a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from the Philippines, a Post Graduate Diploma from the Netherlands, and a Bookkeeping course from Singapore. She has over 18 years of combined work experience in Education, Banking, Accounting, Retail, and Software industries.

When Boniffer isn’t doting on her toddler, she’s thinking about traveling, planning a trip, or actively globe-trotting. A nomad at heart, she’s been to dozens of countries and is well on her way to visiting every continent. She dreams of one day traveling the world in a camper van with her family, even if she has to drag her husband along.