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At WESK, we’re here to help you build and scale your business. We also believe working with a business advisor is time well spent and should be a great experience for new and serial entrepreneurs.  To get the most out of this relationship, we have prepared a few points to get you ready.

Step One – What to Expect

  1. Be Relaxed. Our environment is a judgement-free space so you can feel at ease when working with your advisor. We’re also your cheerleader and if you ask nicely, we may do a cheer for you.
  2. Expect Confidentiality. A WESK business advisor is your confidant and has your best interest in mind. The content of a discussion with one of our team members is safe here.
  3. Be Strategic. Do you have big picture, macro level ideas you want someone to discuss with? Or is your focus in the details? Either way, your business advisor will bring perspective to the conversation and at your pace. We just can’t do the work for you.
  4. Allow Direction. There are times when a business advisor is not the right person to talk to, but we may know who is. In your best interest, we may recommend you speak to a lawyer, accountant or other industry professional who practices in an area that we cannot advise on.
  5. Be Efficient. Working sessions are held to one hour so that we can support as many women entrepreneurs as possible.
  6. Be Prepared. What should we focus on during our meeting? Can you share anything to help your business advisor prepare? This information will only help us help you. Have a look at the proposed agenda in advance of your meeting. Taking notes is highly recommended.

If you need help getting started, try out our tools below.

Step Two – Typical First Meeting Agenda

First 10 minutes:

  • Welcome and introductions
  • Cover any questions from step one
  • Quick recap on WESK membership benefits and services
  • Confirm the focus of the appointment

40 minutes: 

  • Client-led discussion

10 minutes:

  • Summarize the actions and decisions from the discussion
  • Identify next steps and homework
  • Next meeting date

Step Three – Next Steps

What happens at the end of our meeting?

  1. Next steps. You and your business advisor will summarize the actions and decisions from the discussion. You will identify the next steps. Your business advisor may email you resources after the meeting.
  2. Homework and notes. We encourage you to take notes. Then you know what you need to accomplish, and it is a good way to track your progress. The homework and next steps will determine the purpose of the next meeting.
  3. Schedule your next meeting. This is a way that entrepreneurs hold themselves accountable. You will know exactly what you need to accomplish by the time you meet with your business advisor again. You can book right now with your business advisor or you can use their online booking calendar.
  4. Need more time? Reschedule your meeting. You didn’t do your homework? That’s okay. Life happens! However, please contact your business advisor to reschedule the upcoming meeting. This gives you have more time to complete your homework. Also, we want to have something to talk about!
  5. Timely feedback and support. You are excited and ready to get going! You can reach out to your business advisor via email. Then your business advisor can provide timely feedback and support. Now you can move forward at a pace that works for you!

We’ve included some great resources below to help you get started!

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