All Access Expert Advice Program

The All Access Expert Advice Program is an exclusive opportunity for WESK members to access the expertise of our roster of specialized advisors. WESK’s All Access Expert Advice Program includes business experts from the marketing, legal, & accounting industries. Our goal is to provide our members with access to our business experts, at a minimal fee. Whether it is business advice: to strengthen the competitive advantage of your business; to expand market opportunities or develop and execute strategies for growth, OUR EXPERTS are YOUR SOLUTION. 

Members may book additional appointments with the same expert, however, when booking a follow-up appointment, priority will be given to members who have not had a chance to meet with the business advisor. Appointments are one-on-one and one-hour in length at a cost of $30 + GST.

All Access Expert Advice occurs every Tuesday in our Regina and Saskatoon offices and will generally follow the below format:

  • 1st Tuesday of the month: Marketing
  • 2nd Tuesday of the month: Legal
  • 3rd Tuesday of the month: Marketing
  • 4th Tuesday of the month: Accounting

To book an appointment, please visit our events page and select your preferred date. 

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