Colleen Patterson

Colleen has a habit of collecting things that take up head-space rather than shelf-space. She’s got a BSc in Electrical Engineering from the U of S; a MSc in Systems Engineering from Carleton University; a Data Analyst Nanodegree through Udacity; and has taken a heap of technical and management training programs. Her education isn’t only a quest for knowledge, though. She’s committed to lifelong learning and believes that in learning new skills and information as an adult you become more compassionate to those around you who are struggling to learn something new.

With a boatload of credentials in tow, Colleen also has a unique ability to collaborate. She draws people into the process, engages their strengths, and keep things light-hearted when frustration threatens to derail teamwork.

Don’t be fooled by her lengthy resume though – she’s spends her off-time chasing her kids around and hanging out at the swimming pool. Colleen and her family love to travel and explore the world, and have ended up more than once in the underwear department while looking for pants.

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