All Access Expert Advice (Accounting YQR)

The All Access Expert Advice Program is an exclusive opportunity for WESK members to access the expertise of our roster of specialized advisors at a significantly reduced rate. Our roster includes business experts from the marketing, legal, accounting, operations, and human resources industries.


Book your 1-hour appointment with Jocelyn Underwood, Senior Manager, and Aaron Picton, Senior Accountant, from Deloitte Private.

Jocelyn has 15 years of experience in public practice and industry. Her primary role is serving medium and small business clients as a Senior Manager in our Regina office. Her diverse client base has provided her the opportunity to deal with varied accounting and tax issues and provide valuable insights to her clients.

Aaron has been providing audit and accounting services since 2016. His role at Deloitte has been with both large audit, and small to medium sized business. His diverse client base has provided the opportunity to deal with varied accounting issues and provide valuable insights to his clients.

*WESK will review your application form and confirm your eligibility by ensuring your membership is active. If you are not an active WESK member, you will be contacted by WESK to refund your appointment. You may book additional appointments with the same expert, however, when booking a follow-up appointment, priority will be given to members who have not had a chance to meet with the expert. A refund may be issued if written notice is received 7 days prior to your scheduled appointment. No refunds will be allowed after this period. Non-attendance does not constitute cancellation.

Appointments are 1-hour in length. Deadline to register is at 11:30pm on the Sunday prior to the appointment. 


Tickets are no longer available.

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