Brand Essentials (YXE)

Branding is about telling your story and how your customers perceive you.  Is yours working for you?  Are you all over the place?  Do you have a brand that tells a story, only it’s not the right story?  Are you missing a few items in your brand toolbox?  Let’s find out.  In this collaborative working experience, we’ll cover all the major brand essentials starting at the very beginning.  If you’re not a branding wizard when you arrive, we think you’ll be one step closer to one when you leave.

Join Nick Kochar of Refresh Inc. for a 1-hour luncheon as he teaches you everything you need to know about brand essentials. Lunch will be provided.

Strategist. Innovator. Dream-enabler. The energy source that fuels Refresh. Naqsh is many parts a great deal of energy, heart, and generosity, complimented by strategic street smarts, a triple letter business education, and over 2 decades of high level marketing, innovation and business strategy experience. Having Naqsh as a leader means full commitment, a great deal of drive, and a whole hearted effort in your Refresh experience and results. A visionary in the world of marketing, Naqsh is looking to answer your questions related to business & competitive strategy, marketing & advertising, and branding.

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