Brand Influencers & Ambassadors

You may or may not heard about them, but Brand Ambassadors and Influencers are everywhere these days.  Organizations around the world have benefited from having one as part of their marketing efforts.  Should you have one of these advocates on your team?  Come and find out. Only 20 tickets available – get yours today!



General: $30

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Presenter: Naqsh (Nick) Kochar of Refresh Inc.

Strategist. Innovator. Dream-enabler. The energy source that fuels Refresh. Naqsh is many parts a great deal of energy, heart, and generosity, complimented by strategic street smarts, a triple letter business education, and over 2 decades of high level marketing, innovation and business strategy experience. Having Naqsh as a leader means full commitment, a great deal of drive, and a whole hearted effort in your Refresh experience and results. A visionary in the world of marketing, Naqsh is looking to answer your questions related to business & competitive strategy, marketing & advertising, and branding.



Tickets are no longer available.