Business Growth Luncheon: Social Media Marketing, Tips & Tricks (YXE)

Social Media Marketing, Tips & Tricks

This workshop will help you to teach you some social media marketing tips and tricks. Check back soon for more information.


Presented by: Sara Wheelwright, Owner/Head of Strategy & Marketing of S & E Trusted Online Directories ( and Trusted Marketing Services).

A multi award winning entrepreneur and a community minded visionary, Sara is a committed client focused workaholic. She has over 20 years of sales and marketing experience, yet she has vowed to never stop learning. Sara moves a million miles a minute, Trusted is her marketing circus and she IS the maverick ringmaster!


Tickets: $25 (lunch included)

Doors open at 11:45am, presentation begins at 12:00pm.

This workshop is a session belonging to the Business Growth Luncheon 2020 series provided by Economic Development Regina and WESK.


20 available
Social Media Marketing (YXE)$25.00

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