Dealing with a Difficult Customer (YQR)

Dealing with a Difficult Customer

Clients who are upset with your company can provide a wealth of information about your services and products. Participants will examine and develop skills for handling the angry or upset customer in an effective and professional manner, thereby, creating a climate of respect and positive action for all parties involved.

  • Common Causes of Conflict
  • Human Experience of Conflict
  • Four Things Customers Want in Service Recovery
  • Two Sides of Every Interaction – 90/10 rule
  • Defusing and Staying Unhooked
  • Behaviour Modifications for Positive Outcome
  • The ART of Resolving the Conflict
  • Phrases to Avoid


Presented by: Gloria Obrigewitsch, GCO Consulting

Gloria is a business consultant who brings over 40 years of expertise in the business industry, and specializes in developing customized learning programs for employees at all levels within an organization. Her expertise is in the area of customer care, communication and leadership.


Tickets: $25 (lunch included)

Financing for Growth is a session belonging to the Business Growth Luncheon 2019 series provided by Square One and WESK.


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