Dealing with a Difficult Customer (YXE)

Dealing with a Difficult Customer

Clients who are upset with your company can provide a wealth of information about your services and products. Participants will examine and develop skills for handling the angry or upset customer in an effective and professional manner, thereby, creating a climate of respect and positive action for all parties involved.


Presented by: Wendy Johnston, Next Step Financial Solutions Inc.

Wendy Johnston, owner of Next Step Financial Solutions is a Certified Financial Planner, a Qualified Mediator, a collaboratively trained financial professional and a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst. She works with couples/clients in times of their highest stress- be it divorce, separation, financial tragedy, customer disputes or crumbling business transactions. Wendy will share “tried and true” dispute resolution tips to handle conflict and ways to preserve difficult relationships which can strengthen both personal and client relationships.


Tickets: $25 (lunch included)

Financing for Growth is a session belonging to the Business Growth Luncheon 2019 series provided by Square One and WESK.


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