Financials for Non-Financial Business Owners (YQR)

Financials for Non-Financial Business Owners

Understanding your company’s financial statements is fundamental for business cusses, but often business owners find themselves baffled by income statements, balance sheets and cash flow forecasts. By attending this session you will learn:

  • How to analyze your income statement
  • How to improve your numbers
  • How to read and analyze your balance sheet
  • Why the cash flow forecast is one of your most important financial management tools

Presented by: Renée Lawrence, Manager at Virtus Group LLP

Renée Lawrence is a manager at Virtus Group with over 5 years of public practice experience.  Renée works with clients in a variety of industries including agriculture, construction and trade, medical professionals, and various other retail and service businesses.  She is passionate about building and maintaining strong relationships with her clients.  Renée holds a Chartered Professional Accountant designation and a Bachelor of Administration from the University of Regina.

Tickets: $25 (lunch included)


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This workshop is a session belonging to the Business Growth Luncheon 2019 series provided by Square One and WESK.