Hiring, Disciplining & Terminating Employees (Regina)

Hiring, Disciplining, and Terminating employees: What you NEED to Know

This in-person workshop will lead attendees through the basics of:

  • Offering employment to potential hires, including written employment contracts and termination clauses limiting severance payable upon termination;
  • Best practices for disciplining employees including for off-duty misconduct such as social media posts about co-workers, clients or customer; and
  • Terminating employees, including the difference between ‘just cause’ and ‘no cause’ terminations, and outlining payments owing upon termination.

Attendees will gain an understanding of the minimum requirements owed to employees pursuant to the Saskatchewan Employment Act, and best practices for managing employee performance.

This workshop is aimed at entrepreneurs who are looking to hire for the first time, as well as established businesses who are interested in learning about best practices and recent legal developments.

Presentation by: Amy Groothuis, Miller Thomson LLP

Tickets: $25 (Lunch included)


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