How to Properly Protect your Business Name (Top 5 Legal Matters for Entrepreneurs to Consider Series)

Join WESK and W Law Group for this 5-part webinar series on the Top 5 Legal Matters for Entrepreneurs to Consider.

What’s in a name? A big part of establishing a successful business that can scale is to develop a unique and meaningful brand. For many businesses, this means simply registering the business name or corporate name and then creating a logo and marketing from there. However, in an increasingly online business space, the value of a scalable business cannot be understated. Exclusive rights to use a particular name in trade becomes invaluable and, often, something that is realized too late in a business’ lifecycle.

In this webinar, we will explore the following:

• The difference between business names, corporate names, and trademarks and legal rights and protections associated with each;
• How to develop a brand that is strong, does not infringe on pre-existing brands and that qualifies for trademark protection;
• The importance of a strong brand strategy from inception of the business through to growth and expansion form local to national markets.



Presented by: Luanne Schlosser, Founder, Lawyer, Trademark Agent, Lunova Law

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