Learning Day with Deloitte (YXE)

Calling all entrepreneurs! On Friday, October 25, join WESK for an action-packed Learning Day with Deloitte. SIX different workshops will be offered, each 45 minutes in length. This is an opportunity you wont want to miss! Learning Day with Deloitte is open to all, no WESK membership required.

WESK Members Only: Are you interested in meeting 1-on-1 with an accountant? As part of your Deloitte Day registration, WESK members are eligible for a FREE 1-hour All Access Expert Advice appointment with Deloitte on Tuesday, November 26. Contact us at jfries@wesk.ca for your FREE promo code today (WESK members only). Only three appointments are available and will be booked on a first-come, first-served basis. 

9:00am – Workshop 1: Internal Control Health Check

Strong internal controls increase the likelihood of achieving and maintaining business success. No matter the size, a business handles money, holds valuable assets, and interacts with a wide range of people – all of which makes it a target for fraud and potential losses.

Prescribing the right internal controls is not necessarily complex, but does require careful examination of the operations and organizational structure. Take charge of your company’s health by implementing the appropriate internal controls.

10:00am – Workshop 2: Break-Even Analysis

Understanding break-even points and pricing is imperative to remain competitive and understand your profitability. We will discuss the basics of calculating break even points and target profit pricing.

11:00am – Workshop 3: Financial Statements 101

An introduction to basic financial reporting concepts, financial statement analysis, the various accounting frameworks, and common financial reporting issues will be discussed.

12:00pm – Lunch (Provided by WESK)

1:00pm – Workshop 4: Introduction to Tax

An introduction to the various legal structures you can operate your business in and the tax issues you will encounter including; taxation of carious business structures, tax planning, and document retention.

2:00pm – Workshop 5: Inventory Management

Given the cash outlay required to acquire it, inventory often constitutes one of a company’s largest balance sheet items. Although there are no one-size-fits-all approaches to inventory management, there are best practices that can guide the way.

3:00pm – Workshop 6: Cash Flow Management

We will discuss strategies for optimizing your cash management by looking at the basics of cash flow forecast process. This session will cover the best practices on managing accounts payable and receivable, as well as managing invoices and billing. Methods to obtain and budget for cash will also be discussed.


WESK Member Early Bird: $25 (Deadline: October 9 @ 5pm)

General Admission: $60

WESK Members: $45 (after October 9 @ 5pm)

Registration Deadline: October 23th @ 5:00pm. For Learning Day with Deloitte YQR, click here.