Let’s Grow (YQR)

Has your business made it past year one? Are you past the start-up phase and ready to focus on improving your bottom line? On March 4, join us for Let’s Grow!, our first Business Sustainability Workshop focused on equipping you with the skills you need to successfully grow your business. During this full-day workshop, we will dive into topics that enable you to drive up your sales, strategize for business growth, and improve your ability to lead a team. If your goal is to run a successful, sustainable business, this is a workshop you will not want to miss!



9:00am -10.30am: The Leader Within

with Erin Campbell Howell

Most of us want more success in our lives. How can we make this happen? Why do some people flourish while others struggle? What is the secret to their success?

To grow our business, we must be willing to change. When we re-evaluate how we see ourselves, how we view others, and our business, we give ourselves permission to change our perspective. When we change our perspective, we can become more effective at leading ourselves, leading others, and building a successful business.

During this session we will explore some important questions:
• Where do I see myself six months from now?
• Where do I really want to be?
• What’s holding me back?
• What can I do to move forward?

I look forward to meeting you on “march forth”, so together we can discover how you can create the life and business you want to lead.

The secret lies within you. Let’s bring it to the surface


10:30am – 12:00pm: Marketing Strategy – Translate your Marketing into $ales!

with Ben Tingley, Bravo Tango

Out-compete the competition by strategically positioning yourself in the marketplace. Ben will focus on marketing your strengths, business strategy, and increasing sales with your marketing.


12:00pm – 1:00pm: Lunch


1:00pm – 3:00pm: Growth Strategy

with Phil Symchych, SME Business Wealth Builder Corporation

Business growth requires knowing your value. Can you quantify your business’ value in terms of dollars? Phil will cover:

  • How to grow in a slow economy
  • how to compete with big box and amazon,
  • Quantifying your value to customers
  • Segmenting and targeting your customers
  • tracking revenue and profit by customer and product/service line,



WESK Member Early Bird: $25 (Deadline: Monday, February 17 @ 11:30pm)

WESK Members: $45 (after February 17)

General Admission: $60


Lunch included in ticket price. Registration Deadline: Monday, March 2 @ 11:30pm.