Marketing Madness (YXE)

On November 1, Join WESK and six local marketing experts for five fun and interactive workshops! During Marketing Madness, you’ll hear from some leading marketers and learn how to directly apply your new knowledge in your business!


9:00am -10.30am: Clarity in Marketing

with Daria Malin of Boost Strategic Coaching

Clarity is the foundation of a successful business development and marketing strategy.  To save you time and money on misdirected efforts, it is important to put in the work up front to make sure you’re clear on what you are offering. Otherwise you present a muddled message and it will be lost on those who should be buying form you. If your business development efforts are not bringing you the results you are expecting, this session is one you won’t want to miss. In this session we will focus on:

  • Identifying your most profitable markets
  • Creating messaging that will compel them
  • Understanding how to effectively engage with them


10:30am – 12:00pm: The Secret to Marketing Effectively Online

with Sara Wheelwright of Trusted Marketing Services &

Measurability – it is often lost in the ‘pizazz’ of marketing talks – but if you aren’t achieving your goals –  or getting leads from your efforts then you are wasting your time! Are you throwing Marketing Darts in The Dark??

  • Learn to craft a  marketing message to include desirable actions
  • Find out the difference between vanity metrics and actual results
  • Learn about true measurability


12:00pm – 1:15pm: How your Profit Model Affects your Marketing & Branding Decisions

with Nick Kochar of Refresh Inc.

Enjoy a catered lunch and hear from Nick Kochar of Refresh Inc. Branding is about being clear on your story.  Marketing is about letting as many people know about your story.  However, are you making the best choices to maximize your profitability?  Let’s find out!


1:15pm – 2:30pm: Foundational Brand Strategy – How to Earn your Stripes and Burn Bright in the Jungle

with Jeanie de Beer of Tyger Tyger Strategy and Creative Inc.

Great brands don’t spring to life automatically, they are birthed through great brand strategy. In this session, we will explore how a solid brand strategy will inform your messaging, advertising and marketing strategies and set you on a strategic path to success and most importantly – building loyalty and brand equity. Jeanie will give you a quick overview of how to earn your stripes and not only survive but burn bright in the jungle.


2:30pm – 4:00pm: 5 Tips for Marketing your Business on Social Media

with Travis Low & Ricky Forbes of Blue Moose Media

Social media and digital marketing provide cost-effective, highly targeted, measurable opportunities to engage your audience and promote your business. Get out your notepad—you’ll want to remember these tips from experts Travis Low and Ricky Forbes as they show you how to:

  • Determine which social media platforms your audience is using
  • Plan and schedule great content
  • Achieve strong imagery and visuals
  • Write in a way that captures attention
  • Grow your audience to help meet your business objectives



WESK Member Early Bird: $25 (Deadline: October 23 @ 5pm)

General Admission: $60

WESK Members: $45 (after October 23 @ 5pm)

Lunch included in ticket price. Registration Deadline: October 30th @ 5:00pm. 


This event is SOLD OUT!