Webinar: 5 Tips for Marketing Your Business on Social Media

Social media and digital marketing provide cost-effective, highly targeted, measurable opportunities to engage your audience and promote your business. Get out your notepad—you’ll want to remember these tips from experts Travis Low and Ricky Forbes as they show you how to:

• determine which social media platforms your audience is using
• plan and schedule great content
• achieve strong imagery and visuals
• write in a way that captures attention
• grow your audience to help meet your business objectives

Presenter: Travis Low & Ricky Forbes, Blue Moose Media

Travis Low and Ricky Forbes are the owners of Blue Moose Media, a Saskatoon Digital Marketing and Social Media agency. These friends built their business by combining their individual strengths—Travis’s ability to build relationships, lead a team and strategize, and Ricky’s ability to turn his love of adventure into a business and a brand using social media. You might recognize Ricky from his TV show Tornado Hunters on Netflix, or maybe you’re one of his 500,000 followers on social media. And you may have attended the Lows in Motion Parkinson’s “Shaker”, which Travis founded and by incorporating social media, has raised over $650,000 in its 10 years as one of the city’s most popular fundraisers.

Launched in 2016, Blue Moose Media is proud and excited to offer clients industry-leading digital marketing and social media training and consulting to achieve business results.


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