My Entrepreneurial Story (YXE)

My Entrepreneurial Story

Attend this session to hear from a well-established local business owner and learn the practices, attitudes, resources and lessons that helped increase business success.

Ground Yoga is an urban sanctuary dedicated to the development of healthy bodies, clear minds and open hearts through the experience of Yoga. Students are encouraged to sweat, enjoy and challenge themselves, as well as begin to explore their inner life on the mat, which inevitably echoes into life off the mat.

Ground Yoga offers a diversity in yoga classes, as well as a wide range of teachers and teaching styles. Whether you are new to yoga or have an already established yoga practice you will find Ground Yoga to meet you where you are at, and to encourage and support you to move beyond.


Presented by: Heather Longuiel, Ground Yoga

Heather Longueil was born and raised in Saskatoon, but moved to Taiwan when she was 25. She lived in Taiwan for 10 years, and subsequently met her husband, Vincent, and had their first 2 children there. Upon moving back to Canada in 2009, her and Vincent set about to create a lively-hood and establish a new life in Saskatoon. Subsequently opening a yoga studio, Ground Yoga, in 2011, as well as adding 4 more children to their family.

Heather is the manager and jack-of-all-trades at Ground Yoga. Not having ever been in business, let alone in the yoga industry, Heather has learned everything about running their small business from trial and error, asking a lot of questions, and looking for support and advice from those that have walked the small business path before her.

Tickets: $25 (lunch included)

This luncheon is a session belonging to the Business Growth Luncheon 2019 series provided by Square One and WESK. This series is intended for entrepreneurs with established businesses.

Anyone is welcome to attend.


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