Partnership & Shareholder Agreements: What, When, and How (Top 5 Legal Matters for Entrepreneurs to Consider Series)

Join WESK and W Law Group for this 5-part webinar series on the Top 5 Legal Matters for Entrepreneurs to Consider.

Unless you are the sole owner of your business, you will be making major business decisions with your partners or other shareholders depending on your business structure. While initially partners and/or shareholders may agree on everything and may work very well together, things can change and major events (i.e death or disagreements) can happen that will affect the relationship. A properly drafted Partnership Agreement or Shareholder Agreement can address issues ranging from transfer of ownership when someone wants out or dies, to sale of business and how the business is managed. We will be discussing the importance of these agreements and how they may help in resolving disputes among partners and/or shareholders.

Presented by: Fraiba Jalal, Associate, W Law Group

Fraiba provides clients with legal advice and guidance with corporate, estate planning and estate administration matters.

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