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Get to know other like-minded entrepreneurs, business professionals, and leaders from the Saskatoon community. Shaken with a Twist aims to inspire & educate through storytelling & casual couch conversation as host Shawna Nelson chats with some of the boldest business women & leaders in our Saskatoon community.

Featuring Melanie Morrison, CEO & Founder of BetterCart Technologies Inc. & Professor in the Department of Psychology, University of Saskatchewan.

Melanie is the Founder and CEO of BetterCart Technologies.  BetterCart is a smart shopping app that compares the price of food across major grocery chains, and helps people save money on their grocery bill every time they shop.  BetterCart’s technology is creating transparency in the grocery industry, and ensures that people never overpay for the food they need.  Melanie understands that saving money on everyday items is important to many Canadians, and that is why BetterCart was built.

As a Professor with a background in Social Psychology, Melanie has spent the bulk of her professional life engaged in research, teaching, and mentorship in and around the areas of stereotyping, prejudice, and discrimination.  Seeing first-hand how prejudice and discrimination can act as roadblocks in many people’s lives, Melanie’s work has always focused on how to understand these social forces and help remove them.  Melanie has worked on behalf of many different social groups, to dispel myths, and change attitudes and behaviours, and continues to do so today.

Melanie developed the idea for BetterCart as a result of her own experience, but quickly realized that many others would benefit economically from the technology she envisioned.  She also felt that the development of BetterCart’s proprietary technology aligned well with her academic background and deep-seated concerns about social justice.

With the idea for BetterCart in mind, Melanie joined WESK in September 2018.  At that time, she was working with a part-time developer, and building out the ideas for the platform and its capabilities. Melanie was subsequently introduced to Co.Labs by one of WESK’s Business Advisors (now an incredible mentor of hers), and joined the Co.Launch Program at Co.Labs in February 2019.  She went on to win the Co.Launch Finale in May 2019, and, in addition to being a WESK member, is now a Founder in Co.Labs’s tech incubator, one of two incubators in the province.

Over the past eight months, Melanie’s users have grown massively.  Her company became one of four selected in the province by the Saskatoon Regional Economic Development Authority (SREDA) to attend The Tech Trip to San Francisco, where she met with internationally renowned CEOs, VCs, and now mentors.  Melanie’s company also was selected to become a part of WESK’s Founders’ Table, an 8-month program that offers exclusive training and mentoring sessions to women founders of technology companies.  This was an incredible program.  Melanie is now gearing up for the release of the new BetterCart platform, one that is compatible for the first time on all devices.  Melanie is thrilled to be a part of WESK’s Shaken with a Twist, and speaking about the transition from a non-tech to tech world!

Melanie has a Bachelor of Arts (Honours, with Distinction) in Psychology from the University of Victoria, BC., a Master of Science in Psychology from the University of Northern British Columbia, and a PhD in Experimental Psychology from the University of Ottawa.


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