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Get to know other like-minded entrepreneurs, business professionals, and leaders from the Saskatoon community. Shaken with a Twist aims to inspire & educate through storytelling & casual couch conversation as host Shawna Nelson chats with some of the boldest business women & leaders in our Saskatoon community.


Featuring Debbie Ross, President of Saskatoon Agri-Auto Parts Inc.

Debbie Ross opened Saskatoon Agri-Auto Parts Inc. on July 24th, 1994. She grew up working in the industry working at her family’s International Harvester Dealership. After moving to Saskatoon, she continued on in the business at the IH Dealership, Case Power & Equipment and then Red Head Equipment before opening her own business. Since she has opened her own business, she has expanded her location four different times and has gone from just herself operating and staffing the business to a very knowledgeable team of ten. Her plethora of knowledge and ability to adapt to the situation at hand, has resulted in a very successful, well recognized business.


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Shaken with a Twist is sponsored by the NSBA, Wiegers Financial and Benefits, and Virtus Group.

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