Social School Regina

Social School Regina 2018

Social School Regina will feature a stellar line-up of hands-on workshops covering the most timely social media and digital marketing topics, and all the tactics, insights and ideas you could possibly need to take your business to incredible new heights in the weeks, months and years ahead.

Throughout this full day of learning and launching, we’ll be joined by live experts from all walks of life, ready to share their wins, losses and secrets of modern marketing success. Get ready to hear from a game-changing lineup of Saskatchewan’s most notable innovators and entrepreneurs who are not just influencing their industries, but disrupting them top to bottom.


Social School Regina is officially SOLD OUT!



Saskatchewan’s most hands-on and up-to-speed social media and digital marketing conference.


Learn today’s most tactical trends and tips to grow your brand and expand your business.


Immediately implementable sales and marketing learns and road-tested case studies to keep you



Grab your event pass, meet your fellow attendees and get ready for an incredible day of learning the most timely marketing skills and launching them into action.

9:00-9:40am – MASTERCLASS: Social Media Strategy

Presented by Kelly Doody, The Social School – Prepare to learn about the marketing that matters in 2019 and beyond, properly audit your current social media platforms and presence, nail down the ideal themes and categories from which to create brilliant content for your social media, blog and more, and maximize your reach in the year ahead.

9:40-10:15am – MASTERCLASS: Killer Content

Presented by Heather Murphy, Authentically – Gain imperative insight into the essential components of today’s most compelling written and visual content, and how to weave captivating campaigns into your day-to-day posts.

10:15-10:30am – CONNECTION BREAK

Refill your coffee, refresh your feed, high-five your neighbour, and get ready for more mad learns.

10:30-11:00am – LEARNING LAB: Copywriting

Presented by Brita Lind, Go Giraffe Go – Award-winning wordsmith Brita will take the stage to deliver her unbridled, road-tested advice on the best storytelling, copywriting and content creating tactics around.

11:00-11:30am – MASTERCLASS: Instagram for Business

Presented by Jaimie Love, The Social School – Identify how to build a world-class Instagram feed, where to snap and source stunning images for your specific business, how to use the platform to drive meaningful actions and powerfully boost your brand to entirely new audiences. Bonus learns: Instagram Stories, Live broadcasts, algorithm hacks and highest-performing content types.

11:30am-12:00pm – LEARNING LAB: Crisis Communications

Presented by Sara Wheelwright, Trusted Marketing Services – Gain exceptionally timely and tactical advice for your online marketing efforts in this can’t-miss talk entitled ‘Avoid a Social Meltdown – Building and Protecting Your Online Reputation.’

12:00-1:00pm – LUNCH BREAK

Duck out for a bite and see you back at 1pm, or stick around and catch our live guests at the breakout Q&A table of your choice!

1:00-1:30pm – MASTERCLASS: Facebook for Business

Presented by Kelly Doody, The Social School – Learn which Facebook content far outperforms the rest, the top tools for promotion and amplification of your posts, how to affordably boost your content to custom audiences, and the most effective ways to drive actions and conversions using Facebook Business Manager.

1:30-2:00pm – MASTERCLASS: Social Media Scheduling & Automation

Presented by Brandi Good, BLG Business Solutions – Discover today’s top social media scheduling tools, understand how to selectively automate your posts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn for maximum audience engagement and ROI, how and where planned vs. live content comes into play, and how to measure, analyze and optimize it all.

2:00-2:15pm – THE ROUNDUP: Best of 2018 Campaigns, Content & Case Studies

Presented by Kelly Doody and Jaimie Love, The Social School – Get ready for a can’t miss rundown of the world-class content and cutting-edge brands big and small that captivated our imaginations alongside our clicks, conversations and conversions over the past year, and how and where you can infuse the same creativity into your own modern marketing efforts.

2:15-2:45pm – BREAKOUT BREAK: Brand Yourself

Presented by Tyler Babiy, T Squared Social – Mix and mingle with your fellow conference attendees while conceiving of your head-turning, business building tagline, intro statement and elevator pitch through a game-changing guided exercise.

2:45-3:15pm – CREATORS FIRESIDE: Standout Storytelling

Presented by Justin and Greg, The Justin and Greg Show – The Saskatchewan video stars taking the world by storm will share the behind the scenes tale of their recent Stanley Cup playoff adventure with the Vegas Golden Knights. TJAGS will be spilling their secrets of what was tried, tested and accomplished from a marketing, advertising and promotional context, making for an epic modern storytelling session packed with learns for any business big or small.

3:15-3:45pm – LEARNING LAB: Brand Personality

Presented by Angie Hicks, Humanly Branding & Marketing – Prepare to bring out the human in your business, and the heart, soul and personality behind your brand with a can’t-miss talk from Angie Hicks entitled ‘Businesses Are People, Too!’ Because after all, we can’t think of a better way to end the day than with a high on human connection.

3:45-4:00pm – THE RALLY: Ten Takeaways

Presented by Kelly Doody and Jaimie Love, The Social School – A rapid-fire summary of our favourite tips, tools, tactics and go-forward ideas, ripe for implementation and activation in your own business, no matter your budget, resources or realm. Ready, set, go!



Social School Regina is officially sold out.


Don’t miss this stellar crop of leaders, doers and disruptors gracing the Social School Regina stage, each of them having built entrepreneurial empires, amassed awe-inspiring followings and skilled their way to modern marketing success.

Heather Murphy - Social School Regina 2018
Heather Murphy
Founder, Authentically

Heather is a branding expert focused on empowering others in their
business development, marketing, and self-care. As founder of Authentically Business & Life Solutions, she has transformed businesses with an achievable, human-centered approach.

Sara Wheelwright - Social School Regina
Sara Wheelwright
Owner, Trusted Marketing Services

Sara is a fearless marketing maverick, entrepreneur, public speaker and community supporter, and esteemed owner of Trusted Marketing Services and S&E Trusted Online Directories.


Tyler Babiy - Social School Regina
Tyler Babiy
Owner & Creative Director, T Squared Social

Owner of Saskatoon-based social media agency T Squared Social, with a focus on education, content creation and management, engaging the real people, places and things that make up the story of your business.


Brandi Hicks - Social School Regina
Brandi Good
Owner, BLG Business Solutions

A certified coach, trainer and software tester with years of marketing and project management experience, Brandi’s mission is to help women entrepreneurs get shit done and build their business with smart skills, tools and systems.


Brita Lind - Social School Regina 2018.png
Brita Lind
CEO, Go Giraffe Go

Brita Lind is CEO, lead strategist, and an award-winning writer at GoGiraffeGo Writing & Design — a Regina-based advertising and strategy firm. A cum laude graduate from Harvard University, Brita has more than 27 years of experience in advertising, her favourite colour is blue, and she lost 97 lbs in the past year (on purpose). Woo hoo.


Justin and Greg - Social School Regina
Justin Reeves and Greg Moore
Co-founders, The Justin and Greg Show – aka #TJAGS

Two smart, funny guys (one good looking) making a difference in the world one TJAGS Facebook Live episode at a time, from Regina to Vegas and back again.


Angie Hicks - Social School Regina
Angie Hicks
Owner & Founding Human, Humanly Branding & Marketing

After 20 years in advertising and only one divorce to show for it, Angie founded Humanly to help us remember that we are all human — and the way we communicate, do business and treat each other should be, too!


Jaimie Love - Social School Regina
Jaimie Love
Marketing & Community Manager, The Social School

From Instagram to art direction, digital strategy to world-class online ad campaigns, Jaimie loves nothing more than equipping marketers and business owners alike with the modern social skills they need to succeed.


Kelly Doody - Social School Regina
Kelly Doody
Founder & CEO, The Social School

Kelly is a journalist-turned-diehard digital marketing junkie, and is deeply committed to connecting the top digital trends and tools with the entrepreneurs and innovators who need them most.


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