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Uncorked is an upscale networking event attracting local entrepreneurs, business professionals, and leaders from the Greater Regina Area. Hosted on the 3rd Tuesday of the month, Uncorked aims to inspire through storytelling and casual couch conversation as we ask some of the boldest businesswomen and leaders of the community the most unpredictable and unfiltered questions about businesslife, and community.

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Patricia Crowe, Business Advisor, Economic Development at FHQ Developments

& Thomas Benjoe, President and CEO of FHQ Developments

About Patricia: Patricia’s position serves the File Hills Qu’appelle Tribal Council’s Treaty 4 Territory eleven First Nations and their members. Patricia works diligently to align strategic partnership opportunities that contribute to the long-term economic independence and prosperity of First Nations by developing economic development opportunities that advance the livelihood of Indigenous people.

As part of her advisory role; she provides pathfinding support for entrepreneurs, connecting them to all the resources available.  This means working closely with WESK and other organizations that support, encourage and provide services for Indigenous Entrepreneurs.

As an active and current board member of the Saskatchewan Indigenous Economic Development Network  (SIEDN) and as Ex-officio Director with Saskatchewan Economic Development Alliance (SEDA), she is a voice at the table and influencer of strategic directions that include the advancement of programs and supports for Indigenous entrepreneurs. SIEDN highlighted Indigenous Women Entrepreneurs as part of WESK Women Entrepreneur week with interviews, live video chats, blogs and social media posts.

You can connect with Patricia on LinkedIn or follow any of the FHQ Developments social media pages.

About Thomas: Mr. Benjoe joined FHQ Developments in the fall of 2016 as the Corporation’s President/CEO. Thomas brings a wealth of experience in First Nations Economic Development, Entrpreneurship, Community Development, Business Administration, and Commercial Banking. He has a strong professional background, and a personal commitment to, partnership, relationship building and interest-based negotiation.

Mr. Benjoe is strongly committed to Aboriginal Business Development and FHQ Developments’ guiding vision of securing business partnerships that result in wealth generation and First Nation equity ownership in key economic sectors.

Mr. Benjoe is a founding board member of FHQ Developments and served 6 years as a Director. He is a former Commercial Banker from RBC that served the Aboriginal Market throughout Saskatchewan. He helped in the creation of the FNUniv Aboriginal Youth Entrepreneurship Camp.

Thomas is a graduate of Business Administration from First Nations University of Canada and focused his education in First Nations Business, Economic Development and Governance. He is also a certified Professional Director from Brown Governance.

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Uncorked is presented by the Hill and Levene Schools of Business and is sponsored by Virtus Group.