Uncorked (YQR)

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Uncorked is an upscale networking event attracting local entrepreneurs, business professionals, and leaders from the Greater Regina Area. Hosted on the 3rd Tuesday of the month at Mercedes-Benz Regina, Uncorked aims to inspire through storytelling and casual couch conversation as guest host Lisa Peters asks some of the boldest businesswomen and leaders of the community the most unpredictable and unfiltered questions about businesslife, and community.

Featuring Frances Olson, Former Real Estate Mogul

Frances Olson is well-known for her Real Estate business in Regina, though most people aren’t aware that Fran and her husband, Ralph were involved multiple business adventures. Together, Fran and Ralph started a construction company and built and designed their own homes. They then started one of the first kitchen cabinet companies in Canada, and also had a counter-top business. Whenever they saw a need, they started another company. Fran and Ralph weren’t afraid to try something new. While Fran and Ralph were busy in their various business ventures, Fran was also growing her Olson Girls Real Estate team to 60 women!

Even though Fran had to take elocution lessons as a child to learn how to speak clearly, and was also dyslexic, she was such a remarkable business woman that she became a public speaker around the world.

In 1985, Frances was involved in a terrible accident and was in a coma for 4 months  The doctors told her that she would never be able to read or write or walk or talk again. However, when she awoke, she was able to read and write. It took about 4 years, with Speech therapy every day for 2 years to learn to talk again.

At 90 (and a half) years old she is still mentoring young women in business, and is active in the community.


More Information:

At Uncorked, you can expect a variety of appetizers and beverages, as well as a casual networking component to start and wrap-up the evening. We welcome everyone and anyone to attend – no membership required! Join us and get Uncorked! Uncorked is presented by the Hill Levene Schools of Business at the University of Regina and is sponsored by Virtus Group LLPMiller Thomson LLP, and BDC. Catering provided by Valley Girls with wine selection provided by Authentic Wine & Spirits Merchants & Andrew Peller Ltd.

No RSVP necessary. Uncorked is open to all (no membership required).