Webinar: Establish your Unique Value Proposition

A UVP (a.k.a. Unique Sales Proposition or USP) is a critical step for marketing strategy. How you differentiate yourself from other companies or organizations helps form the foundation for future approaches. Why should someone buy your product or service over another? Why should someone donate to your cause and not another? What makes you so spectacularly awesome? In this webinar, you will learn to unearth your awesomeness for your company, product or service.


Presenter: Brita Lind, GoGiraffeGo

Brita Lind is CEO, lead strategist, and an award-winning writer and co-owner of GoGiraffeGo Writing & Design — a Regina-based advertising and strategy firm. A cum laude graduate from Harvard University, Brita has more than 27 years of experience in advertising, having worked on national and provincial campaigns, including that Planned Parenthood Campaign. Her favourite colour is blue, she’s an Aries, and she lost 97 lbs. in the past year (on purpose). Woo hoo.