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Bookkeeping: Tips, Tricks and Best Practices

Join us for an insightful and practical webinar designed specifically for business owners who want to take control of their bookkeeping, avoid common pitfalls and understand when it’s time to hire a professional bookkeeper. In this 1-hour webinar we will:

  • Discover key bookkeeping areas,
  • Learn practical bookkeeping tips,
  • Identify common bookkeeping pitfalls,
  • Assess the need for professional bookkeeping help.

J’aime Payne, Founder & President, Breeze Business Management

Over the past decade, Ja’ime has developed a strong appreciation for the many moving parts of a successful businesses. Breeze Business Management is an accumulation of the skills that she has fine-tuned throughout her career in Toronto, Muskoka and Regina. Combining insights from multiple disciplines and industries including the arts, trades, retail, not-for-profit and social enterprise sectors, she brings a unique skillset to clients and has a strong passion for solving problems.

Breeze Business Management offers meticulous accounting and monthly reports that provide vital insights into business performance. They empower business owners to comprehend operations to achieve objectives. Their expertise lies in supporting entrepreneurs and business owners experiencing rapid growth and need reliable accounting/bookkeeping services to make informed management decisions.

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