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Employer Branding Webinar

Join Chess Club and Insightrix to discuss this season’s unavoidable hot topic—the labour shortage. We’ll discuss what it looks like and what your organization can do about it.

What is the current environment?
A recent study performed by Insightrix identified a few key challenges for Saskatchewan employers and business owners. For example, 67% claimed rising labour costs as one of their greatest struggles, and 44% named staff retention. With 47% of local businesses facing HR issues—delays in filling positions, losing staff to other local firms, or remote opportunities—attracting and retaining talent has become a growing concern.

The pandemic had varying effects on the employment landscape, with a very small percentage of employers claiming a bettered, more positive work environment. Common concerns have included:

  • Heightened stress
  • Declining mental wellness
  • Difficulties with constant change
  • The pressure of increased customer demands with decreased budgets

Employers have attempted to compensate with flexible work hours, paid bonuses, and in some cases, improved benefits packages to offer additional support. But when do these adjustments pay off for business owners?

Research can help you navigate these changing environments and attract the talent you need. By conducting research with both your employees and the general population, you can discover how well your brand aligns with what the ideal candidates are looking for in their next employer.

What is the problem?
You can find a lot of simple answers to this question. “Quiet quitting”? The great resignation?
A generation of entitlement? None of the above. Putting the blame elsewhere places it out of your control. Get it back under your control with employer branding.

What is employer branding?
Communicating and differentiating your company image to top job seekers.
75% of potential applicants consider your reputation and imagine—employer branding—before applying. Creating a positive brand image that tells your story and shares your values is the first step toward acquiring top talent.
The employees you want understand their worth, they demand more than a paycheque or the fun bonus of a staff ping pong table. They want a great place to work and the pride that comes along with that—affiliation with an impressive employer.
These expectations are here to stay, it’s up to you to adjust accordingly with:

  • Employer Branding Strategy
  • Defined Company Culture
  • Corporate Brand Values
  • Holistic Brand Evaluation – measuring employee and the general population perspective
  • Simplified Career Pages
  • Defined Employer Value Proposition
  • Clear and Defined Job Descriptions
  • Digital application

Presented by: Shonna Caldwell, Insightrix & Larry Anderson, Chess Club

Shonna brings a vast amount of research experience, moving from Toronto to join Insightrix four years ago. Previously, Shonna worked at two of the largest market research firms—Ipsos and Kantar—in addition to a short stint in the post-secondary and municipal sectors. She has expertise in a wide range of unique client needs, especially in the branding space. She is passionate about working with individual clients to evaluate and measure the effectiveness of their brand and the impacts a strong brand presence can have. She prides herself on building customized solutions along with a great team of researchers to dig deeper into your brand story, values, perceptions, identity and ensuring that “what we say we do” and “what people say we are” are aligned.

Larry’s experience and enthusiasm is tailor-made for her role as Chief Relationship Officer. Whether it’s client relations or internal relationships, she’s a steward of respect, accountability, and support—ensuring that whomever she meets, they feel valued. Larry has always been passionate about fostering a culture that reflects those ethics and applies that same approach to our clients’ employer branding.

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