Shaken with a Twist

SHAKEN with a TWIST was created to inspire, educate, and bring together business professionals and entrepreneurs. Each month, WESK is joined by a successful, Saskatoon-based entrepreneur or business professional for some casual couch conversation. The event features a variety of appetizers and beverages, as well as a casual networking component to start and wrap-up the evening.

Join us on the second Thursday of every month, and enjoy a night out with some like-minded business professionals and get to know your local Saskatoon entrepreneurial community. The event runs from 5pm-7pm at Village Guitar and Amp. Don’t forget to bring your business cards to enter in the draw for some great door prizes!

Check out our EVENTS PAGE for all the current details on this month’s SHAKEN with a TWIST. Curious about the awesome line-up we had for our 2017/2018 season? Watch the videos below!

Shaken with a Twist featuring Alicia Soulier

June 2018

Alicia Soulier, Founder of SalonScale and Owner/Creative Director of Capelli Salon Studio

Click here to watch WESK’s Facebook Live video with Alicia Soulier. Check back later for the ShawTV Recording.


Shaken with a Twist featuring Dr. Donna Jubin

Shaken with a Twist featuring Daria Malin

April 2018

Daria Malin, Owner of Boost Strategic Coaching


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Shaken with a Twist featuring Shaina Lynden

March 2018

Shaina Lynden, Co-Owner & Instructor of RYDE YXE

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Shaken with a Twist featuring Rauncie Kinnaird

February 2018

Featuring: Rauncie Kinnaird, Owner of Sandy Shores Resort & Owner of Kinnaird Bagpipes

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Shaken with a Twist featuring Terri Sewell

January 2018

Featuring: Terri Sewell, Owner and Partner of Spark Creations & Bookings

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Shaken with a Twist featuring Amanda Butt

October 2017

Featuring: Amanda Butt, Brewmaster at Great Western Brewery

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Shaken with a Twist featuring Linda Henderson

November 2017

Featuring: Linda Henderson, President of Petrotag Technologies Inc.

Linda Henderson, proud mother of two driven and inspiring children and wife of 33 years. Linda has a passion for family and her influence has affected both her children, her son Logan, recently married, is finishing up his Commerce Degree, and daughter Rachael, finishing her grade 12 online, has started her own charity, Bundle of Blessings.
Linda worked for 25 years and later in her career was hired in a management role. After an external consultant decided Linda was not the right fit for them, Linda was let go. Feeling devastated by her company’s choice, she turned her career around by purchasing Petrotag Technologies in 2011. With her 5-year plan currently on track, Linda then, with the excitement of entrepreneurship, started Crazy Cowboys Instrumentation in 2013, then added Electrical in 2015 and with her experience of bookkeeping then began Synergy Bookkeeping in 2016. Sick of paying rent, she decided to purchase a building – the very building she was fired from. Sharing her entrepreneurial spirit with her children, Linda is now preparing for her retirement plans for 2021 with her husband Mark.


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Shaken with a Twist featuring Dawn Woroniuk

September 2017

Featuring: Dawn Woroniuk, Executive Director of the Forestry Farm


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