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The Only 6 Areas of Your Business You Have to Worry About

96% of your business problems can be found in 1 of 6 areas. Join EOS Implementer, David Robinson, as he goes through the 6 areas and a few simple tools and disciplines that will help strengthen each of these key components in your business.

Presented By: David Robinson, EOS Implementer at SMT Business Strategies

David grew up sweeping the floors and installing at the family commercial window company which taught him a lot about hard work and gave him first-hand experience to appreciate those who work in -40°C conditions. After getting a business degree from the University of Saskatchewan and moving into the office at the family business, the company experienced some turbulent times and David sought out answers to help weather the storm. Coming across the Entrepreneurial Operating System® was a saviour as a comprehensive framework to run the business on. It relieved much stress by using simple tools, disciplines, and a process that has been used by thousands of companies, in all industries, all around the world.

Over the years as his enthusiasm grew and the benefits of EOS became more apparent, he decided he wanted to share the system with other companies and saw an opportunity as there weren’t any other Saskatchewan-based Implementers. Using the EOS tools and disciplines, he transitioned out of the General Manager role in the family business and became an EOS Implementer.

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