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Topic 1: Looking at a Brand as an EcoSystem

Presented by Frank Collins, CEO & Creative Strategist at Danger Dynamite. A brand isn’t just a logo and a name, it’s an intricate web of components ranging from internal culture to public-facing marketing components. Let’s look at how the digital assets of a brand work together to create what we call Digital Presence, this includes visual media, brand story, social media, search, listings and of course websites.  Each of these elements of digital marketing not only compliments one another but also influence the effectiveness of each other and work to establish a brand’s digital presence in their respective marketplace.

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Topic 2: Understanding and Shaping your Customer Journey

Presented by Jacqueline Cook, CSO at Vendasta. Experiences are more important than products now. In fact, experiences are products.” What is a Customer Journey, what does your business’ look like, and how is it being shaped by online marketing? In this workshop, Jacqueline will take attendees through a hands-on journey-mapping session so that they may better understand how simple data points and customer interactions can play an important role in improving the customer experience.

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Topic 3: Email Marketing Must-Do’s!

Presented by Kelly Doody, Founder and CEO of The Social School.

Prepare to hear unbridled, road-tested advice on the best campaign building, prospect nurturing, triggered sequencing and email automation practices around, and what the world’s leading email marketers are doing to tailor, target and turn subscribers into high converting sales gold.

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The choice is yours – pick your favourite! Once we finalize our exciting topics, you’ll receive an email from us where you can submit your workshop preference.

Topic 1: Branding and SEO, a co-dependent relationship!

Presented by Lauren Knox, Master of Marketing, Agency Ally.

So you invested in a brand, sat back and watched the profits flood in right? Or maybe you run a successful business based on word of mouth and now want to grow. You just invest in good SEO right?

Businesses get stuck on what to do next once they’ve hit a pillar in their business relationship. And sometimes they aren’t faced with the best advice from industry leaders. Everyone’s an expert and there’s an agency ready to sell you whatever services they offer – not what’s best for your growth.

Knowledge is power, businesses need nurturing. Learn what’s right for your business.

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Topic 2: Social & Digital Marketing Strategy!

Presented by Kelly Doody, Founder and CEO of The Social School.

Learn about the marketing that matters in 2019 and beyond, and the winning tactics and tools in everything from mobile search and website design, to organic posts and paid reach. This session will help you identify effective digital marketing opportunities for your organization, execute world-class social content and digital campaigns, and optimize your marketing efforts for maximum ROI.

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Topic 3: Creating Apps – how to not get lost in the underwear section when looking for long pants!

Presented by Colleen Patterson, Product Owner at Territorial.

We live in a digital world and digital content is a must.  With all the demands on a business owner, building their website and digital content is usually done by a company who specializes in these areas.  This means at some point you will need to communicate with technical people. This can be daunting since the tech world seems to use the language differently than the rest of the world. Join Colleen in this workshop to get tips on how to effectively share the vision of your final product with the technical team to ensure you end up with the solution you want.

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