WESK’s All Access Expert Advice Program

The All Access Expert Advice Program is an exclusive opportunity for members, associate members, and loan clients to avail the expertise of our roster or specialized advisors. Whether you are starting, building or growing your business our experts are your advantage or solution. WESK’s All Access Expert Advice Program includes business experts from the marketing, legal, accounting, & bookkeeping industries. WESK Experts will rotate through the Saskatoon office on a weekly basis (stay tuned – All Access is launching in Regina in September, 2018). Appointments are one-on-one and one-hour in length at a cost of $50 + GST. Our program is available only to you as a WESK member. Our goal is to provide you with access to our business experts, at a minimal fee.

Members may book additional appointments with the same expert, however, when booking a follow-up appointment, priority will be given to members who have not had a chance to meet with the business advisor. This program will provide you with business experts from the following areas:

  • Marketing
  • Accounting
  • Bookkeeping
  • Law


Saskatoon Marketing Expert: Naqsh (Nick) Kochar of Refresh Inc.

Strategist. Innovator. Dream-enabler. The energy source that fuels Refresh. Naqsh is many parts a great deal of energy, heart, and generosity, complimented by strategic street smarts, a triple letter business education, and over 2 decades of high level marketing, innovation and business strategy experience. Having Naqsh as a leader means full commitment, a great deal of drive, and a whole hearted effort in your Refresh experience and results. A visionary in the world of marketing, Nick is looking to answer your questions related to business & competitive strategy, marketing & advertising, and branding.

Regina Marketing Expert: Heather Murphy of Authentically

Heather Murphy is a brand expert who founded Authentically as a disruption to the traditional marketing agency in 2016. She supports small businesses in standing out in the eruption of social media and content marketing, adapting to thinking about sharing information and remaining relevant and relatable. With a tool-based approach, Authentically has served over 100 clients throughout Canada to move products from a provincial to a national stage, increase annual revenues by over 300%, and to launch dozens of vibrant business. In year one, these revolutionary ideas and successes were recognized by the Forbes Coaches Council and in the Saskatchewan Legislature.

Heather’s no-nonsense approach to online marketing helps her clients make deeper connections with their prospects and build sales. Mapping out plans, creating lead generation offers, and designing social media strategies are part of how she leads others to generate greater online results. Heather knows websites are not online brochures—they are online tools. As with any other business tool, it needs to work for the operator. Heather will show participants how to get websites working like the most valuable employee in their organizations.



Saskatoon Marketing Expert: Barb McGrath of Above the Fold Canada

Barb Mcgrath is the owner of Above the Fold Canada, serving businesses, or partners, as she calls them, from Nova Scotia to Vancouver. The primary focus of Above the Fold Canada is customer acquisition and sales growth for their partners. With the end in mind, Barb and her virtual team work with business owners to deploy digital strategies and tools that convert browsers to buyers, thinkers to do’ers and respond to consumers in the moments that matter.

Barb is passionate about creating a digital savvy network of business owners capable of managing their online presence with ease. She often shares success stories of businesses who made simple changes to their marketing approach and were found on Google.

She is recognized as an influential leader who implements continuous improvement practices, while promoting a culture of excellence, by displaying an outstanding commitment to accountability and detailed execution. She has developed functional structures for industry leading corporations resulting in measurable gains in employee engagement and increased value to stakeholders. She was honoured with a Gold Quill Award for peer leadership and member communication strategies by an international professional association.

Her specialties include: Marketing, Executive Social Media, Reputation Management, Advising, Communications, Change Management, Community Relations, Public Relations, Stakeholder Communications, Branding & Identity.

Saskatoon Legal Experts: Fraiba Jalal and Jordyn Allan of Miller Thomson LLP.
A Saskatchewan law firm with a diversified practice, Fraiba and Jordyn are looking to answer your questions related to trademarks & patents, contracts & leases, and incorporation.

Saskatoon Bookkeeping Expert: Linda Henderson, Synergy Bookkeeping.

Linda Henderson is a serial entrepreneur with a solid background in bookkeeping. Synergy Bookkeeping has the ability to set your chart of accounts and reporting so that you can understand what your business is actually doing.

Accounting Expert: TBA
Our Accounting Experts are looking to answer your questions related to cash flow management, business expenses, and taxation.


Whether it is business advice: to strengthen the competitive advantage of your business; to expand market opportunities or develop and execute strategies for growth, OUR Experts are YOUR ADVANTAGE or SOLUTION.


To book an appointment, please visit our events page and select your preferred date.