Lauren Knox

Lauren Knox has been delivering the highest standards of branding and marketing strategies for over 6 years. Lauren has managed accounts within Brewers Retail Limited and consulted for multiple start-up companies. The results are what matters most and she is proud to have been responsible for growth in product and service engagements in each role she has been involved in.

As co founder of Agency Ally, an agency created to collaborate with like minded agencies who strive to provide their clients with the upmost quality of marketing, her growth strategies and future implementation for social responsibility has given her the opportunity to work with a highly talented and educated creative team.

She is also the sales and marketing director at Tyger Tyger creative and branding, an agency she is helping grow in 2019 and 2020. Tyger Tyger believes in working with companies with social responsibility, such as conservation, renewable energy, cannabis and sustainably lifestyle beauty and fashion.  Lauren also works directly with clients and agencies to achieve annual marketing initiatives and outlines for success. She has been responsible for directing a team of 15 creatives and has managed over 150 accounts.

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