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No matter where you are in your entrepreneurial journey, we have options for you. To continue to be the definitive resource for entrepreneurs, we will never stop evolving to be more relevant and inclusive to our community.

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You asked. We delivered. We’re excited to announce the launch of our new service packages, tailored to whichever phase you’re in on your business journey. From start-up to expansion, we’ve carefully crafted options that enable you to succeed as an entrepreneur in Saskatchewan.

Pioneer PackageTrailblazer PackageChangemaker Package
WESK Membership Included?NoYesYes
Voting Privileges at AGM? NoYesYes
Board Member Eligibility NoYesYes
AdvisingOne 60-minute sessionUnlimitedUnlimited
EventsNo discount20% discount20% discount
+ tailored events
TrainingNo discount20% discount20% discount
+ tailored training
FinancingNot eligibleEligible to applyEligible to apply
Listed in Member DirectoryNoYesYes
Access to Expert Access ProgramNoYesYes
Minimum Age161818
Learn MoreLearn More (Women)
Learn More (Men)
Learn More

*See updated member pricing for The Exchange here.
**Men are eligible for a Trailblazer package and are deemed Associate Members. Associate members are not eligible to vote in WESK’s AGM or join the Board of Directors.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to purchase a membership to access business advising?

Yes! Once a WESK Membership is purchased (or renewed) you are able to fill out the Request for Business Advising form (found on your dashboard upon logging in) to be set up with a Business Advisor within 5-7 business days! As a member, you get unlimited one-on-one appointments for free.

Does my membership auto-renew?

Your membership will auto-renew on April 1 of every year. If you do not want your membership to auto-renew, simply deselect the “auto-renew” checkbox after your purchase or at any time from your membership dashboard. Please note that refunds will not be issued for auto-renews.

What is the difference between the Pioneer and Trailblazer packages?

A pioneer package is a one time, $25 charge that allows you to access our Business Advising services for one appointment. It is not a membership.

The trailblazer package allows you to have unlimited amounts of Business Advising, Appointments, discounts on events & training, and access to our All-Access Expert Advice Program.

If you decide to just test things out at WESK by getting our Pioneer package (1 Business Advising meeting included) but decide that you would like to become a member after that, you will have to then purchase a Trailblazer package.

The Pioneer ($25 + GST)

She is the first.

The Pioneer package is ideal if you have an idea, or are thinking about entrepreneurship. If you want to be in WESK’s sphere of influence, but don’t know where to start, The Pioneer package is perfect for you. 

Note: The Pioneer package does not include a WESK membership. It is meant to serve as an introduction to our programs and services.

Benefits of a Pioneer Package

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The Pioneer Package serves as an introduction to WESK, and is intended for those who may have a few questions before being ready to purchase a Trailblazer or Changemaker package. With the purchase of a Pioneer package, you receive:

  • One complimentary business advising session (60 minutes)

After purchasing your Pioneer package, be sure to check your emails! Within 5 business days, you will receive a welcome email us with instructions to book your complimentary appointment.

*Additional appointments require the purchase of a Trailblazer or Changemaker package.

Pioneer packages expire annually on April 1, regardless of when they are purchased and do not renew automatically. Pioneer packages do not include a WESK membership. Pioneer packages are non-refundable.

The Trailblazer ($125 + GST)

She is proving it’s possible.

The Trailblazer package is ideal if you are starting a business and want continual support from WESK throughout your journey. We will connect you to resources for Saskatchewan entrepreneurs, and the people you need to get established.

Benefits of a Trailblazer Package

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With the purchase of a Trailblazer package, you receive:

Trailblazer packages are automatically renewed every April 1. You can opt out of auto-renewals any time through your member account. Trailblazer packages are non-refundable.

The Changemaker ($375 + GST)

She is making a difference.

The Changemaker package is ideal if you are already established and are looking to grow your business with us and take it to the next level. WESK will help you scale your company and make meaningful connections to other entrepreneurs and corporate execs. At this level, you get it all. Think of it like VIP access to the business community. 

Benefits of a Changemaker Package

View the Benefits

With the purchase of a Changemaker package, you receive:

  • Unlimited business advising sessions (log into your Account, select the Business Advising tab, and submit your request!)
  • 20% discount on most training and events
  • Tailored events and training, just for our Changemakers
  • Eligible to apply for financing
  • Eligible to be listed in the WESK Member Directory (be sure to opt-in under the Account Details tab in your Account)
  • Access to the Expert Access Program
  • Discounted pricing on The Exchange (must first be accepted into the program)
  • Full member voting privileges in WESK’s Annual General Meeting
  • Eligible to apply to serve on the WESK Board of Directors

Changemaker packages are automatically renewed every April 1. You can opt out of auto-renewals any time through your member account. Changemaker packages are non-refundable.

Additional Information

Were you a member with us prior to March 31, 2021?

Current members have been automatically moved to the Trailblazer package, no action required! Contact us to upgrade to a Changemaker package if you are ready to level up. 

Don’t see yourself in one of these packages?

Don’t see yourself in one of these packages? The WESK Official Advocate is for our supporters and our champions. Whether you are an entrepreneur, you’ve been one, or you simply support WESK’s vision to close the gender entrepreneurship gap in Saskatchewan, show your support as an official WESK Advocate. Learn more here.

Men can be members, too! Here’s how.

Did you know that both women and men are welcome to be members? Those who identify as male are eligible for a Trailblazer package with an associate membership. Simply select “Trailblazer (Men). Associate members are not permitted to vote in WESK’s Annual General Meeting or serve on the Board of Directors. Associate members are also not eligible for financing through WESK.

Note that Trailblazer and Changemaker membership package renewals will now be happening annually on April 1. This will be done automatically, though you can opt out any time through your member account. Pioneer packages do not include a WESK membership, and do not auto-renew, and will expire on April 1, regardless of when they are purchased.