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Amanda Perrot grew up on a farm near St. Brieux, Saskatchewan. She ran off to Saskatoon when she graduated and got a Bachelor of Science degree in geology, then used that to do the truly Saskatchewan thing and move to Calgary. After seven years working in the oil and gas sector, Amanda surprised even herself by moving back to her hometown and becoming part owner of her mom's printing company, 1st Choice Graphics. She launched Grounded Goodness in 2015. The company's mission is simple: Spread goodness. In just a few years, that mission has led Amanda and Grounded Goodness to create inspirational (and feisty) decals and t-shirts, build community, and spend seven weeks road tripping around Saskatchewan. Amanda's love of connection and good people also shows up in her speaking engagements. She's hosted 18 Sisterhood events around the province (15 during that summer road trip alone!), was awarded the 2017 Toastmaster of the Year Award for District 99, and delivered presentations on self-awareness, sisterhood and community to many different audiences. She is publishing her first book 47 Days: A Journey Back Home in 2019.

Grounded Goodness

Grounded Goodness is a family business based out of St. Brieux, Saskatchewan, Canada. Started in 2015, our mission is simple: to spread goodness. Warmth, kindness, fun, real connection...the ‘good’ stuff in life. How do we spread goodness? Through our products (inspirational decals, t-shirts), our events (connection!) and our community presence (both in our small town & area, and online).

St. Brieux, SK