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Andrea was born and raised in Regina, Saskatchewan. Her father was a photography enthusiast and taught her the basics at a very early age. She could be found in her father's dark room gaining knowledge and helping with one of her favourite tasks, making enlargements. It is fair to say that Andrea caught the photography bug early and never stopped.

Andrea Norberg Photography

Andrea graduated from the University of Regina in 2004 with a BFA in film, and worked in retail and administration for a few years afterwards. The death of a friend in the mid-2000s led her to decide to move away from Joe-jobs and down a more fulfilling career path. A heart-to-heart with her mother prompted her to focus on photography. She completed SIAST's Applied Photography Program in 2011, graduating with distinction and opening her business that same summer. She has been learning and growing as a photographer and loving it ever since!

505 - 2206 Dewdney Avenue Regina, SK S4R 1H3