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Bev Chandler is passionate about organizing. With years of organizing experience, training through POC (Professional Organizers in Canada), an Interior Decorating certificate, and a background in project management and problem solving, she motivates and teaches people how to get and stay organized. Bev is patient, a good listener, and enjoys helping others. She provides friendly, confidential, and non-judgemental help with whatever organizing problems people are having.

C&C Organizing

Re-claim space, time and relationships. From whole houses & offices spaces, to closets and basements, by creating inviting and efficient surroundings, time and energy are increased for the things that matter most. For anyone struggling to find the time, motivation, or solution to get organized, C&C Organizing is here to help you move toward your goals.

Box 889 Lumsden, Sask. S0G 3C0