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Fiyin Obayan is the CEO & Founder of Okiki Consulting, and she empowers entrepreneurs and business owners to tell their personal brand stories and company brand stories through video content. She is a content creator and social media consultant who’d love to provide your audience with "How to Dominate LinkedIn with Your Personal Brand". The reason she became passionate about this topic because as of September 2019, she started taking on the LinkedIn Platform as more than just a networking site, but an also opportunity to promote your personal brand and become a thought leader in your industry, it has helped her and she believes it can help others as well. - She has grown in 7600 connections, since September 2019 - She has been able to connect with major guests for my podcast such as: - Genecia Alluora: CEO & Founder of the Largest Female Online Community in South Asia (Soul Rich Woman) - Santia Deck, The Highest-Paid Female Football Player of All Time - Jayde Vincent, Tik Tok Influencer with 1 Million Followers - She has also has gotten clients through video content and got to coordinate an event that was in partnership with IBM.

Okiki Consulting

I empower entrepreneurs to present their personal brands virtually: Video content, 360 VR Content and Virtual Events. I am the founder of Okiki Consulting, where we help business owners communicate their personal brand or company brand stories through video content, in order to communicate to their target audience and increase their inbound leads. We empower my clients to do this through video content, 360 VR content and virtual experiences and event coordination: - Video Content Coaching - Storytelling coaching - Video Editing Services - Videography Services I have been participating in video storytelling for nine years starting with my previous Myspace Channel, and to my personal YouTube Channel. As an entrepreneur, I have learned to develop that skill for the social media and now specialized in using it for the LinkedIn platform. Through posting regular content from September 2019, I have gone from 1000 connections to 8000 connections on the platforms and gained clients and I want to empower others to do the same. We also help small to medium-sized businesses come up with brand and content strategies and social media strategies for their social media platforms. Other services we provide: Personal Brand Photography Branding We help you create a unique identity for your product, service, and organization. - Strategy Consultation - Logo Concept & Design - Branding Guidebook Marketing We equip you with a strategic plan to carry out communicate to your preferred audience. - Strategy, Media Planning & Analysis - Coordination & Execution Content - Content creation for your media platforms and outlets - Social Media Posts & Graphics - Video Concepts & Direction Graphics - Promotional & Marketing Materials Web Design - Squarespace - Wix - Shopify - WordPress FREE DOWNLOADABLE PDF: https://www.okikiconsulting.com/resources About Okiki Consulting: Website: www.okikiconsulting.com Email: info@okikiconsulting.com Phone: (306)716-0324 Instagram: @Okikiconsulting Facebook: @Okikiconsulting LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/fiyinfoluwaobayan/ Business: https://www.linkedin.com/company/okiki