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A Message from the CEO

At WESK, we value innovation and resilience. Saskatchewan woman entrepreneurs embody these words, and it is backed up by data. You continue to be innovative in your industries, with a growth rate of 1.7% compared to the national average of 1.4%. You showed resiliency, with 47% of Saskatchewan women-owned businesses staying fully open during the pandemic compared to 37% of women-owned businesses nationally (Women Entrepreneurs in Saskatchewan Report, 2021). As we shift back to more in-person events and programming, I am fortunate to hear your stories face-to-face and truly comprehend how innovative and resilient Saskatchewan women entrepreneurs truly are.

Speaking of in-person, we have had a slew of successful events over the past few months. We introduced a new panel series called Candid Conversations. Our first two panels featured the topics Women of Colour in Leadership and Indigenous Women in Entrepreneurship. With these panels, we hope to foster an inviting space to have important and impactful dialogues on diversity and inclusion. I encourage you to watch these panels on-demand on our WESK Facebook page. Shaken and Uncorked both returned to their full glory, welcoming the business community back to network in person. I was honoured to be involved in an International Women’s Day event hosted by the City of Regina and Mayor Masters, where I met countless exceptional women. I look forward to attending more of these events.

The WESK Summit and Gala is quickly approaching on May 25th and 26th. I was impressed by the quantity and quality of applications we received for our six entrepreneur awards and look forward to announcing the finalists on April 19th. At the WESK Summit, we have two incredible keynote speakers joining us, Zahra Al-Harazi and Barb Stegemann. These powerful women entrepreneurs will leave you feeling motivated and inspired. Some of you may be aware that we rebranded this annual event in 2021 but have yet to share this elevated experience with you in person. The WESK team cannot wait to connect, learn, and celebrate with you.

If you’ve been following along with WESK’s socials, you know we have launched recruitment for a new program in partnership with the Government of Saskatchewan. Propel is a one-year training program developed as part of the Government of Saskatchewan’s Scale Up for Entrepreneurs Initiative. This training, designed specifically to help Saskatchewan women entrepreneurs in scaling their businesses, provides opportunities to obtain training certifications and have access to coaching and mentorship.

2022 commenced with the implementation of several strategic initiatives. We signed a memorandum of understanding with Insurance Brokers Association of Saskatchewan (IBAS), committing to collaborating to support women entrepreneurs in the insurance industry. In partnership with EDR and FHQ Developments, WESK launched a pilot program called theHiveYQR, a peer mentorship platform where Regina entrepreneurs can create connections and find advice. Our Matchstick program for Indigenous entrepreneurs wrapped up a six-week program with nine women completing the course. The list goes on. As always, WESK has more exciting news and announcements scheduled for this upcoming year. I look ahead with much anticipation and excitement for what lies ahead as we work together to support women-owned businesses grow and scale in Saskatchewan.

Prabha Ramaswamy


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