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Celebrating Women Tech Founders from Saskatchewan

Adapted by WESK from Innovation Saskatchewan’s original article: https://innovationsask.ca/success-stories/women-entrepreneurs-week-2020

Founders Table was a group of early-stage female technology founders who met monthly in Regina from September 2019 – March 2020. This program was offered in partnership with WESK and Economic Development Regina Inc, and was sponsored by Innovation Saskatchewan. Founders Table gathered women from around the province to learn business development skills from other more established female tech founders. Of the many successes from the group, the main advantage was developing a strong network of early-stage female founders.

Here are some of the amazing women entering into the exciting realm of technology:

Melanie Morrison from BetterCart

BetterCart compares prices across major grocery chains in Canada and helps people get the best deal on their grocery cart every time they shop. In response to COVID-19, BetterCart also shows Canadians which grocery stores are carrying harder-to-get items, saving them time, and promoting their health. Shoppers can discover new products, gain time in their day, and save hundreds of dollars on their grocery bill with BetterCart.

Koreen Mak from Peppermint Technologies Inc.

Peppermint Technologies Inc. revitalizes organizational learning through the delivery of scheduled, short bursts of training content straight to your phone via text or email. Our easy to use authoring tool allows organizations to develop relevant, timely training to a geographically dispersed workforce in a cost-effective, time-saving manner, allowing employees to spend less time away from work while increasing learning retention and application.

Kristy Ehman from Hyon

There are two types of people in this world. You’re either someone that will do the work to sell your used items or you can’t be bothered. Hyon is connecting these two groups.

Heidi Watson from Guardian EMR

E-HIS supports health professionals in building modern and efficient practices for Canadians. Clinicians can onboard to our secure EMR and use the same forms and work processes they’ve always used. Reach out if you want to save time and increase your clinic’s revenue.

Jana and Robyn Ham from Financial Foundations (fifo)

Fifo was created with the social mission of making financial literacy and the application of financial education accessible to all. The fifo app leverages technology to connect financial institutions with their clients and empower the user to make informed financial decisions. As true entrepreneurs, the sisters also created Sask Masks. The Sask Masks mission is twofold: slowing the spread of the coronavirus and supporting the community. The social enterprise makes handmade face masks and donates the net proceeds to local charities including the Regina Food Bank, Carmichael Outreach, and the YWCA Regina. Sask Masks can be found on Facebook and Instagram @saskmasks.

Jessica McNaughton from memoryKPR

At memoryKPR (pronounced keeper) our founders have a passion for untold stories. The creation of this company is rooted in protecting, saving, storing, and designing stories. As our world becomes more digital, so do our stories, we need permanent solutions to be able to keep and pass on these stories. We are that solution. We serve memorial, funeral, wedding, events and individuals.

Joanne Cunningham from Wave9

Wave9 helps conventional oil producers to reduce operating expenses and environmental impacts. We analyze data and photos and provide an easy-to-use dashboard for field workers to help them to focus their time on the highest value tasks. Unlike some other systems which can require field workers to sift through mountains of data, Wave9’s use of AI and our focus on the user allows us to deliver valuable insights without disrupting today’s processes.

Adapted by WESK from Innovation Saskatchewan’s original article: https://innovationsask.ca/success-stories/women-entrepreneurs-week-2020

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