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Charter Champion of the Month: Federated Co-operatives Limited

WESK is pleased to feature Federated Co-operatives Limited (FCL), a wholesaling, manufacturing, marketing, and administrative co-operative owned by more than 160 independent local co-operative associations. FCL has made the commitment to work towards gender parity by signing WESK’s Saskatchewan Women Entrepreneurship Charter.

Creating a diverse and inclusive space that allows for equal and equitable opportunity for all is a priority for FCL.

“The Charter provides an opportunity for us, one of Saskatchewan’s largest employers, to develop practical initiatives that support the success of women entrepreneurs in the province,” said Shauna Wilkinson, Vice-President of People and Culture.

FCL is committed to having a workplace culture that supports a more engaged, high-performing, and innovative workforce. Their vision for diversity and inclusion is for all employees to bring their whole self to work: a vision that is important to them and the communities they operate in. With the breadth of their business and the scope of their reach, signing the Charter made good business sense.

“I am pleased that FCL is a signatory on WESK’s Saskatchewan Women Entrepreneurship Charter,” said Wilkinson. “Our business is largely business-to-business, but while we focus on serving our independent local co-operative members, we also work with other businesses and individuals.

FCL is committed to making diversity and inclusion a vital part of their culture. Their Women’s Inclusion Network (WIN) continues to amplify the voice of women in the organization. This network allows employees to connect, learn and develop through committee meetings and a speaker series all employees are welcome to attend. WIN Speaker Series topics have included “All Genders as Allies to Women in the Workplace” and “Perspectives of Black, Indigenous, and People of Colour,” which featured an all-women panel. An upcoming session stems from their Book Study Group’s current read, Good Guys: How Men Can Be Better Allies for Women in the Workplace. This next session will focus on men as allies for women.

By signing the Charter and making the commitment to support women-owned businesses, FCL is affirming Co-op’s inclusive brand – You’re at Home Here. Join WESK in celebrating Federated Co-operatives Limited as this month’s Charter Champion.

About the Saskatchewan Women Entrepreneurship Charter

The Saskatchewan Women Entrepreneurship Charter is an initiative launched by WESK to address the gender entrepreneurship gap in our province. The charter is comprised of four principles to provide guidance and examples as to how you and your organization can best support local women-owned businesses.

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