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Request for Proposal

Digital Entrepreneurship Hub – Indigenous Space

March 1, 2021

Since 1995, WESK has helped thousands of women start, purchase, and expand their businesses. Now, we are taking an even bolder approach focused on innovation and excellence. We are stepping up our training, engaging with great partners, and bringing even more resources to entrepreneurs to help generate success.

The Digital Entrepreneurship Hub was a recommendation that stemmed from the Saskatchewan Advisory Committee Report which was released in September 2020. This website will enable women to access relevant resources in a timely manner. The digital nature of the hub eliminates barriers of access such as distance, accessibility to childcare, and financial resources. This online hub will also link women to mentors and subject matter experts in a virtual environment. WESK is confident that the Indigenous space within the online hub will house all the information an Indigenous woman in Saskatchewan will need to start or grow her business. New and exciting resources will be added that are not available online.

Scope of Work

The goal of this project is to increase the amount of culturally appropriate and valuable content offered by WESK for Indigenous women. This work will include:

• Advise on barriers and challenges faced by Indigenous women in all areas of business;
• Develop an Indigenous content strategy;
• Develop culturally appropriate content;
• Identify content that needs to be sourced or created;
• Research, develop, write and edit new or modify existing content;
• Audit current WESK resources;
• Assist in developing criteria for acceptable external links; and
• Gather external links (including descriptions and permissions).

Specific Requirement

Prospective bidders are asked to provide a concise proposal that addresses the following:

• Must be an Indigenous woman
• List capabilities and qualifications
• How the work would be organized and managed (including timelines)
• Costs associated with the work to be undertaken, including direct costs
• Portfolio of work completed
• At least 3 relevant references

Payment Procedures/Contract Terms

To be determined in conjunction with the successful contractor. The price quoted should be inclusive. If your prices exclude certain fees or charges, please provide a detailed list of excluded fees with an explanation of those fees. If third-party contractors are hired, please include their information as well.

Please submit your proposal to Cara Cote (ccote@wesk.ca) no later than March 11, 2021, at 5:00 pm. The winning contractor will be contacted by March 18, 2021

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