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How to Book

It’s simple — Book your 1-hour one-on-one appointment with our experts for only $30 + GST, and our expert will call you at the time of your appointment. Since these appointments are conducted over the phone, we welcome anyone, regardless of your location, to connect with one of our experts. Who knows, this phone call may be life changing!

Deadline to register is at 11:30pm on the Sunday prior to the appointment.

Saskatoon Marketing Experts

Naqsh (Nick) Kochar

Chief Strategist and CEO, Refresh Inc.

Frank Collins

CEO and Creative Strategist, Danger Dynamite!


Various Experts

Sara Wheelwright

Founder, Trusted Marketing Services

Regina Marketing Experts

Heather Murphy

Founder of Authentically, Co-Founder of My Life Planner

Ben Tingley

CEO, Bravo Tango

Sarah Pickering

Digital Strategist, Bravo Tango

Katie Osborne

Account Planner, Bravo Tango

Josh Stewart-Van Dusen

Director of Business Development, Tandem X Visuals

Book Your Appointment

Not from Saskatoon or Regina? Not to worry – your appointment will be virtual, so we welcome all Saskatchewan WESK members to book!


If you have questions about All Access, please contact our office. 

Phone: (306) 477-7173

*WESK will review your application form and confirm your eligibility by ensuring your membership is active. If you are not an active WESK member, we will refund your appointment. If you found value in your visit and want to come back for round two, you may book additional appointments with the same expert. However, while they may be just as excited to chat with you again as you are to chat with them, when you book a follow-up appointment, priority will be given to members who have not had a chance to meet with the expert. A refund may be issued if written notice is received 7 days prior to your scheduled appointment. No refunds will be allowed after this period.