Brita Lind

CEO, Arcas Advertising

Brita Lind is proud to be a Saskatchewan female entrepreneur heading up Arcas Advertising, a 100% 2SLGTBQIA+ owned business. With more than two decades of marketing and strategy experience and a Harvard degree in hand, Brita – and her fab team – will can help you in two ways; 1) strategy an 2) execution, whether you’re a start-up or an established million-dollar business or anything in between. To get a better sense of how Brita and her team can help you, have a coffee with her (real or virtual) or look at her LinkedIn profile. Have a great day and know that you are fabulous.

Areas I can help with:

  • Strategy (strategic planning, branding, social media strategy, marketing strategy),
  • Social Media marketing, planning & execution
  • Digital marketing
  • Website development
  • Writing
  • Investor pitch presentation consulting

About Arcas Advertising

You know that person or company you trust because they tell you the truth, do amazing work, and give you the goods? (The real goods.) That’s Arcas Advertising. You and your business are what matters. What problems do you need solved in order to flourish? What marketing strategy is best for you to spend your money wisely and with great effect? Digital campaigns, social media strategy, killer investor pitch presentations, research, marketing strategy and creative concepts executed. Bam. We help for-profits and not-for-profits achieve their big audacious goals.