Naqsh (Nick) Kochar

Chief Strategist and CEO, Refresh Inc.

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Strategist. Innovator. Dream-enabler. The energy source that fuels Refresh. Naqsh is many parts a great deal of energy, heart, and generosity, complimented by strategic street smarts, a triple letter business education, and over 2 decades of high-level marketing, innovation and business strategy experience. Having Naqsh as a leader means full commitment, a great deal of drive, and a whole-hearted effort in your Refresh experience and results. A visionary in the world of marketing, Naqsh is looking to answer your questions related to business & competitive strategy, marketing & advertising, and branding.

Areas I can help with:

  • Branding and Marketing Strategies
  • Review of digital assets (web & social)
  • Branding (Corporate & Personal)
  • Social Media
  • Website Development
  • Customer Engagement
  • Email Marketing

About Refresh

Established in 2009, Refresh Inc. (Refresh) is a digital marketing agency that specializes in the interactive marketing niche. We find the balance between business strategy and imagination ensuring your brand doesn’t fade and holds its intergrity. Helping you thrive in a challenging and often uncertain high-tech world, while offering insight and encouragement ensures your brand is feasible, fun, and fruitful. Using well-informed and goal-oriented business strategy, we will work alongside you to steer clear of any preventable bumps you may face down the road. Through an emphasis on growth and persuasivity, we produce quality and carefully crafted content that reflects the dreams you have for your brand. We invent to inspire.

We have a strong base of team members who specialize in positioning, strategy, branding, social media marketing, search engine optimization, advertising, logo & identity design, product packaging, digital design, market research, business plans and feasibility studies. Furthermore, Refresh serves a range of clients, from established businesses to small start-ups looking to generate momentum.

We know that marketing is more than a business strategy. It’s interactive. An exchange. An experience. Rework. Rethink. Refresh.