Are you an Indigenous, Métis, or Inuit woman who dreams of owning your own business?

Matchstick is the spark you need to get started!

About Matchstick

This program will help transform your dream to reality. Matchstick is for all Indigenous women, First Nations, Métis, and Inuit, who are starting a business or seriously considering a business idea.

Every business needs a business plan, a map that explains how the business will operate. It is an important document for business owners, potential partners and lenders. Did you know WESK has business loans?

The Matchstick business advisors will guide you on how to write your business plan and what to do once your plan is ready. Along the way, you’ll learn from successful entrepreneurs – and how YOU can be one, too!

What Matchstick participants are saying about the program

On business development:

“. . . made me think and get a clearer idea of my business goals.”

On understanding business planning:

“. . . the program generated ideas, brainstorming, [and] putting the ideas down on paper.”

“. . .there is a lot more planning needed prior to launching your business.”

On building confidence:

“. . . I don’t have a business background, so all of this information I am learning is all crucial and I am very grateful.”

WESK’s Matchstick program includes workshops, business advising and mentoring, all with the goal of giving you the tools to make your business a reality. When you are ready to access financing, a loan from Matchstick can be the money you need to start or grow your business. For more information on loans, please visit our financing page.

Need an appointment with a business advisor?

Booking an online business advising appointment is easy! Scroll to the bottom of this page and click “Book Today” button with either of Matchstick’s business advisors: Devon Fiddler or Destinee Peter and select your date and time.  

Why Matchstick?

WESK’s Matchstick program was developed to help you achieve success in business. Together with our partners, Federation of Sovereign Indigenous Nations (FSIN), the Saskatchewan Indian Equity Foundation (SIEF), First Nations University of Canada, FHQ Developments, and Western Economic Diversification Canada (WD) we created Matchstick for Indigenous women like you eager to:

  • start and grow businesses
  • employ people in your communities
  • fuel economic growth in Saskatchewan for generations to come!

If owning a business is your dream, let’s spark something amazing TOGETHER!

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