Are you an Indigenous woman who dreams of owning your own business?

Matchstick is the spark you need to get started!

About Matchstick

This FREE training program will help you transform your dream to reality, guiding you through how to write your business plan to what to do once your plan is ready. Along the way, you’ll learn from successful entrepreneurs – and how YOU can be one, too!

After you’ve completed the training, you can count on Matchstick for the ongoing advising, mentoring, and access to financing you need to grow your business AND your confidence. We’re on this journey with you!

Who will benefit from this training?

All indigenous women, First Nations, Métis, and Inuit, who are starting a business or seriously considering a business idea. No proof of ethnicity or business experience is required.

“Our women are the life givers and caregivers in our Nations. You are the heart and soul of all of our families and communities. When you succeed, we all succeed.”

– Chief Bobby Cameron, Federation of Sovereign Indigenous Nations

Why Matchstick?

WESK believes ALL entrepreneurs should have an equal opportunity to achieve success and recognition. Together with our partners, Federation of Sovereign Indigenous Nations (FSIN), the Saskatchewan Indian Equity Foundation (SIEF), First Nations University of Canada and FHQ Developments, we created Matchstick to help Indigenous women like you to:

  • start and grow businesses
  • employ people in your communities
  • fuel economic growth in Saskatchewan for generations to come!

We believe in your dream. We believe in YOU. Let’s spark something amazing TOGETHER!

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