Ready to propel your business beyond the competition and into the future?

Propel is a one-year training program developed as part of the Government of Saskatchewan’s Scale Up for Entrepreneurs Initiative. This training, designed specifically to help Saskatchewan women entrepreneurs in crisis proofing their business, provides opportunities to obtain training certifications and have access to coaching and mentorship.

Recognizing that women entrepreneurs’ needs are different between early-stage business versus more mature ones, WESK has designed Propel to meet women entrepreneurs where they are. Propel will be offered through monthly hybrid (virtual/in-person) learning modules and on-demand micro-credentialing courses, enabling participants to learn on their own schedules.

Applications are now closed.

Training Streams

Evolve & Innovate Training Stream

This stream provides the learning essentials for solo entrepreneurs with up to four years in business operations. This stream focuses on generating consistent sales, an area that is often challenging for early-stage companies. Topics include:

  • June: Understanding Your Profit Model
  • July: How to Conduct Market Research
  • August Break
  • September: Practical Digital Marketing
  • October: Customer Service Essentials
  • November: Business Plan Refresh
  • December: The Art of Selling
  • January: Pitch Event
  • February: Mentoring

Micro-Credential Courses

  • April – June: Financial Management
  • April – June: Sales and Marketing

People & Profit Training Stream

Entrepreneurs with businesses in operation for at least four years and/or with one or more employees are encouraged to participate in this stream. This stream of Propel concentrates on enabling businesses to expand their profitability through people and processes.

  • June: Profit Model Exploitation
  • July: Leveraging Financing for Growth
  • August Break
  • September: A Culture of Success
  • October: Marketing & Branding for Growth
  • November: Operations for Future-Ready Companies
  • December: The Art of Selling
  • January: Pitch Event
  • February: Mentoring

Optional Micro-Credential Courses

  • April-June: Financial Management
  • April-June: Sales and Marketing


  • Women and/or underrepresented entrepreneurs who would find value in scaling up their business
  • Business must be in operation for 2 years or more at time of applying
  • Have a registered business in Saskatchewan (registered pursuant to The Business Corporations Act) and registered with ISC; and,
  • Have partnerships where the participant is in control of the venture with greater than 50 per cent ownership; or,
  • Have a limited company where the participant holds controlling interest of the venture with greater than 50 per cent of the shares with voting rights.

Entrepreneurs with the following businesses are not eligible:

  • Businesses controlled by someone other than the person applying for the training;
  • Businesses involved in multilevel marketing or pyramid selling;
  • Businesses that are a subsidiary of, or are financially supported by another company; and
  • Businesses that are not suitable for public funding (for example that exploit sex or promote extreme political or religious views).

This program is fully subsidized by the Government of Saskatchewan.

Applications Closed!

Application deadline March 30, 2022

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