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Monthly Sessions

Optional Micro-Credentials

More optional micro-credentials coming soon!

Small Business Financial Documentation: Tools for Financial Success
Deadline to apply: April 29

This is a self-paced micro-credential that focuses on business financial statements and ratios, and a basic accounting principle. Review the key statements, ratios, and the information in the financial statements to determine the health of a business. Inside this micro-credential you will participate in the following micro-learnings: 
1. Assets, Liabilities, Equity, and Net Worth
2. Business Financial Statements
3. Financial Condition of a Business

Sales Tools for Success
Deadline to apply: April 29

This is a self-paced micro-credential that focuses on utilizing the ultimate sales toolbox. Learn the effective use of social media regarding sales, insight-based selling techniques, and communication techniques to set your clients at ease.

Propel Opening Retreat

Date: June 16
Time: 9 am to 12 pm
Join through ZOOM.

9:00 am: Welcome and Opening Remarks
9:05 am: Propel Overview
9:25 am: Growth Strategy Workshop with Kellie Garrett
11:25 am: Coffee Break
11:30 am: Cohort Breakout Rooms facilitated by WESK

Kellie Garrett

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Kellie Garrett is an executive coach and speaker who consults on all things leadership and teaches the work of Brené Brown. Well-versed in the perils and positives of power, Kellie Garrett describes herself as a ‘recovering executive’. A former senior VP at Farm Credit Canada, she was responsible for business strategy, enterprise risk management, the customer experience, and reputation management. She is a communication expert, named Master Communicator and Fellow by the International Association of Business Communicators. Honours include Canada’s 100 Most Powerful Women and Top 25 Women of Influence, and the Red Cross (SK) Humanitarian Award for autism advocacy.

Kellie is passionate about helping others get out of their own way to reach their potential. She also loves wine, flower gardening and she used to love travelling…

June (Profit Model Exploitation)

Profit Model Exploitation Workshop

Live Session Date: June 23
Live Session Time: 9 am

Module Summary
This module gives you the opportunity to pop the hood open on your business to examine what elements are driving success, and exploit or innovate upon them to generate profitability, sustainability, and growth. 

Impactful growth through the exploitation of strategic business design. 


  • Understand how the drivers of your strategic business design impact your profitability.
  • Reevaluate the different strategy models to ensure your current model is optimized for you.
July (Leveraging Capital for Growth)

Leveraging Capital for Growth

Live Session Date: July 28
Live Session Time: 9 am

Module Summary
It can be overwhelming to navigate all the financing options available and know when and how best to utilize them. There are a lot of options out there (financing, grants, investments, etc.)! This module provides an in-depth analysis of different financing options, when and how to use them, the pros and cons of each, and what is required. You will walk away from this module with the ability to identify, pursue, leverage, and pitch to secure the capital to fuel your business growth.  

Propel your strategic business growth plan forward by pursuing the appropriate financing opportunity.


  • Revisit the options for raising capital (e.g., Angel Investors, Banks, Grants, etc.) 
  • Learn how to pitch to raise capital 
  • Understand when and how to go after different types of capital    
September (A Culture of Success)

A Culture of Success

Live Session Date: September 29
Live Session Time: 9 am

Module Summary
Why is it so important to focus on culture? The wise words from Peter Drucker summed it up nicely: Culture eats strategy for breakfast. Your business culture determines overall success regardless of how perfect your strategy may be. With the commitment to fostering a positive culture, you will be cultivating and empowering your team, which translates into a culture that promotes employee performance, productivity, and engagement. Ultimately leading to a committed team with less employee turnover and higher job satisfaction. So now the question becomes, are you ready to build a Culture of Success? 

Understand the importance of a healthy, positive organizational culture and how it impacts your bottom line. 


  • Understand the impact culture has on your employees 
  • Learn and differentiate between the different types of organizational culture (healthy and unhealthy) 
  • Learn how to build, and foster a positive culture 
October (Growth Plan Template Workshop)

Growth Plan Template Workshop

Live Session Date: October 12
Live Session Time: 9 am

Shad Ali

One of Shad’s core beliefs is that true growth and development comes from an intense understanding of self and a commitment to support and develop the capacity of others to realize their dreams and their potential. With a strong involvement and commitment to community, he has worked with a number of Canada’s leading universities and charities including: McGill University, McMaster University, Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation, Nature Canada, Sick Kids Foundation, Covenant House, The Lung Association, and Canadian Red Cross. Shad is a Certified Personal Behaviour Analyst, Certified Personal Values Analyst, and a Certified Fund Raising Executive.

Shad’s leadership roles have included service with leading organizations such as: Saskatchewan Association of Human Resource Professionals; Canadian Society of Association Executives; and Association of Fundraising Professionals. Shad has presented at several conferences on topics such as: Strategic Planning, Building High Performance Teams, Leadership Dynamics, Dynamic Communications, Breakthrough Growth Strategies, and many other topics.

Shad is considered a thought leader in areas such as: Leadership; Business Growth; Leading High Performing Teams; Organization Development; Talent Management; Assessment of Behaviour, Motivation, Emotional Intelligence and Core Competencies; Philanthropy and Fundraising; Not-for-profit Management/Leadership.

Introduction to the Growth Plan Template:


  • A plan that is focused on planning for and achieving growth in your business
  • Not just another generic business plan – the intent is to use this tool to analyze different aspects of your business with a growth lens and tailor it to your growth goals


  • Learn key concepts that can positively affect the growth of your business and use the Growth Plan Template to plan for growth and achieve accelerated success.
  • Today, you will participate in workshop style sessions, group discussions, and a scenario-based activity to advance learning and explore key topics.
October (Marketing and Branding for Growth)

Marketing and Branding for Growth

Live Session Date: October 27
Live Session Time: 9 am
Join through ZOOM.

Module Summary
Your marketing and branding is your secret sauce that if leveraged properly, paves the way to scaling your business. Your customers respond differently to messages depending on their region and values. This module provides the opportunity for you to leverage your marketing and branding with the goal of becoming more visible and resonating with your customers, current and future. You will walk away with the ability to develop and turn your marketing plan into action. 

To compete in other markets by leveraging/finessing your marketing and branding strategy. 


  • Understand how a digital marketing strategy impacts growth 
  • Recognizing the benefits and challenges of growing beyond your backyard 
  • Evaluate the need for additional resources (human resources, tools, budget) 
November (Operations for Future Ready Companies)

Operations for Future-Ready Companies

Live Session Date: November 24
Live Session Time: 9 am
Join through ZOOM.

Module Summary
Are you ready for the Fourth Industrial Revolution? Never heard of it? Well, let us introduce you to it. The Fourth Industrial Revolution is taking automation to new heights and blurring the lines between the physical, digital and biological spheres. In a nutshell it means it is building off the Digital Revolution we find ourselves in now and it will fundamentally change the way we live, work and play. So how do you become a future-ready company? This module will have you challenging the limits of your current operations while pushing you to see what is possible through leveraging the Digital Revolution we’re in now while planning for and embracing what’s to come. 

Understand the characteristics of a future-ready company and how you become one.


  • Understand how interrelated trends will impact your current operations (more connectivity, lower transaction costs, unprecedented automation, fundamental societal shifts).
  • Understand how making bold moves in the key areas of “Who you are” (take a stance on purpose, using culture as your secret sauce, sharpening your value agenda), “How you operate” (radically flattening the structure, treating talent as scarcer than capital and turbocharging decision making), and “How you grow” (building data-rich tech platforms, accelerating organizational learning, taking an ecosystem perspective) separates future-ready companies from others.
December (The Art of Selling)

The Art of Selling

Live Session Date: December 15
Live Session Time: 9 am
Join through ZOOM.  

Module Summary
Selling is truly an art form, something that gets better and easier with experience. It is an imperative business skill and allows you to succinctly state your proposition and sells the opportunity to your target audience. So, where do you start honing your skills? This module will break down the elements of the successful sell and have you singing in no time. No matter where you are on your business journey it is never too early (or too late!) to have your pitch polished and ready for action. 


  • Present successfully to secure sales and or resources to catapult your business forward 
  • Linking the value of your product/service to your audience’s need.


  • Learn and hone key presentation skills 
  • Understand which investors to approach based on “fit” and tailor your pitch 
  • Realize the importance of knowing your numbers and how to articulate the intended use of the fund, anticipated ROI and timing thereof 
  • Recognize how equity and percentage of business control factor in  
January (Pitching to Established Entrepreneurs)

Pitching to a Panel of Established Entrepreneurs

Module Summary
Welcome to your capstone event! This month is THE month that you’ve been working so hard for over the last 6 modules. You know the ins and outs of your business, have nailed down your strategic growth plan, and you’ve learned and developed a rock-solid pitch. Now it is time for you to take center stage and pitch that plan you worked so hard to perfect to a panel of esteemed local entrepreneurs. You will walk away from this experience with invaluable feedback to propel your business into the future. 

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